Why Name Rooms?

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The norm is to think of a home in terms of spe­cific rooms. We of­ten chal­lenge home­own­ers to con­sider their goals for how they want to live in the home, what they’d like their new home to solve, what needs it should meet — with­out as­sign­ing spe­cific rooms.

Pre-con­cep­tions ac­com­pany room names. If a home­owner says, “I need an of­fice,” sud­denly the so­lu­tion is a de­fined room with a desk and chair. This may be over­sim­pli­fy­ing, limit cre­ativ­ity, and ac­tu­ally NOT meet the need. Let’s ex­am­ine what can hap­pen if a home­owner ex­presses the prob­lem as “I need a place to do some oc­ca­sional work on my lap­top, and gain some pri­vacy to take a call here and there”. The fresh de­scrip­tion al­lows the de­signer to solve the prob­lem and to over­come the chal­lenge in new ways. Sud­denly we go from the con­straints of ‘an of­fice’ to the free­dom to cre­ate a so­lu­tion that fits your par­tic­u­lar needs and de­sires. We may cre­ate a nook off an­other space, or add a built-in seat with a great view that re­mains open to the rest of the home and can also serve as a read­ing or game area. Or, we might carve out what we call an by sim­ply shut­ting a door, a work­sta­tion or li­brary the next. The pos­si­bil­i­ties reach far be­yond the con­straints that come with nam­ing ‘an of­fice’.

Tim­ber frames al­low for open vol­umes and floor plans with less for­mally des­ig­nated spa­ces. This pro­vides am­ple op­por­tu­nity to blur the lines and opens up pos­si­bil­i­ties. Multi-task­ing and flex ar­eas, spa­ces iden­ti­fied in new ways with more roles than those tra­di­tion­ally as­signed, are in­te­gral in our work. One ex­am­ple: the kitchen is­land. Rather than serv­ing as only a prep space, in­cor­po­rat­ing USB ports can make it an ideal workspace for kids to com­plete home­work. Slightly rais­ing or low­er­ing a por­tion of the is­land cre­ates ca­sual en­ter­tain­ing space sep­a­rated from cook­ing ar­eas while still al­low­ing the sur­face to ac­com­mo­date a large puz­zle dur­ing a stay-cation.

Ex­press your needs and al­low your de­signer to pro­pose so­lu­tions that are cus­tom­ized to your de­sires, your fam­ily life­style, your project site, and your bud­get — the re­sults will be well-worth it.

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