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Ther­mal bridges are junc­tions in a build­ing en­ve­lope where there is a gap in the in­su­la­tion, caus­ing heat loss. The main ther­mal bridges in a home are found where walls meet floors, other walls, roofs and where they in­ter­sect with door­ways and win­dows. In the il­lus­tra­tion above, red de­notes the places where there is ther­mal bridg­ing. On the left is a tra­di­tional stick­frame home. Be­cause the in­su­la­tion is bro­ken reg­u­larly by the studs, there is plenty of ther­mal bridg­ing in this typ­i­cal home. On the right is a tim­ber frame wall with struc­tural in­su­lated pan­els (SIPs) on the out­side of the frame. It not only pro­vides bet­ter in­su­la­tion, but also pre­vents most ther­mal bridg­ing.

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