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Look­ing for a way to add in­stant char­ac­ter to your pow­der room or full bath? Opt for a van­ity that looks like a piece of fur­ni­ture from an­other area of your home. Dressers, desks and even en­ter­tain­ment units are find­ing new homes in the bathroom be­cause their orig­i­nal de­signs in­clude many fea­tures that work well for a per­sonal groom­ing space.

Dresser du­pli­cates are ob­vi­ous choices, as their wide, waist-height coun­ters can ac­com­mo­date both a sink as well as a va­ri­ety of per­sonal toi­letries. They also come with built-in drawers for in­stant stor­age.

Desk-style van­i­ties may or may not in­clude a wash­basin, but they al­low the user to sit and re­lax as he or she grooms. Like dresser-style van­i­ties, de­signs also in­clude plen­ti­ful stor­age space but of­ten come with smaller drawers, which may or may not be an as­set to the user.

Van­i­ties pos­ing as en­ter­tain­ment units put the fo­cus on the per­son in the mir­ror, not on a tele­vi­sion set or stereo sys­tem. With a large mir­ror sur­rounded by plen­ti­ful cab­i­net space, this all-in-one style can be bought or built to any spec­i­fi­ca­tions and can work for any size bathroom.

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