the great room

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layer 1: ma­te­ri­als

A Wood floor­ing is a won­der­ful build­ing block. It pro­vides con­ti­nu­ity be­tween rooms and keeps the flow “clean.”

B Area rugs ground and de­fine seat­ing ar­eas.

C Stone or tile be­neath a wood-burn­ing fire­place dresses up this fo­cal point and pro­hibits scorch­ing.

D When it comes to paint, keep in mind that this wall is vis­i­ble from the foyer. Paint­ing it a shade darker or lighter will make it an im­me­di­ate fo­cal point.

layer 2: fur­nish­ings

E This room sec­tion­a­land is eas­ily sofa ac­ces­si­ble­takes a cen­tral from po­si­tion­all sides. in Leavethe aboutarea for 36 max­i­mu­minches of ac­cess­walk space­and egress.around this seat­ing

F A con­sole ta­ble serves many func­tions, in­clud­ing pro­vid­ing ex­tra ta­ble space, hid­ing the sofa back and cre­at­ing an in­ter­est­ing view from the kitchen. The height should be no taller than your sofa, typ­i­cally 32 inches high.

G A cof­fee ta­ble should be placed no more than 17 inches away from the seat­ing, and its height should cor­re­spond to the seat height — usu­ally about 18 inches high.

H Ar­moires should be at least 24 inches deep, re­gard­less of use. Height is based on the scale of your room.

I A bench adds hearth­side seat­ing with­out adding bulk. Ide­ally, the bench should be be­tween

42 and 62 inches wide, 20 to 30 inches deep and 18 inches high.

J Swivel chairs (18 to 20 inches high) around a game ta­ble (about 48 inches round by 32 inches high) add depth and an ac­tiv­ity area.

K A lounge chair is a pri­mary spot for read­ing and re­lax­ing. Be sure to buy the right size. A tall per­son will be more com­fort­able in a seat that’s 38 to 42 inches deep, whereas a pe­tite per­son will be hap­pier in one that’s 37 inches deep. Width also is a fac­tor.

L A seat­ing area al­ways needs a hor­i­zon­tal sur­face. This ta­ble is meant to serve only one per­son at a time, and there­fore can be smaller.

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