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In ad­di­tion to mak­ing good use of sus­tain­able ma­te­ri­als, today’s tim­ber homes have taken the lead in en­ergy ef­fi­ciency. “When I meet with new clients, I typ­i­cally de­scribe a tim­ber frame as the vis­i­ble skele­ton of a build­ing. I ask them to visu­al­ize a 12-foot-long wall; with con­ven­tional con­struc­tion that wall has ten 2-by-6 studs, each act­ing as a small post. The in­su­la­tion is then in­cor­po­rated be­tween each of the struc­tural mem­bers, al­low­ing for ther­mal bridg­ing at each stud and low­er­ing the cu­mu­la­tive R-value of the wall,” ex­plains Jeremy Bonin, prin­ci­pal part­ner and lead ar­chi­tect at Bonin Ar­chi­tects in New Hamp­shire. “In a tim­ber home, on the other hand, large SIPs (struc­tural in­su­lated pan­els) are ap­plied to the ex­te­rior of the frame, al­most elim­i­nat­ing ther­mal bridg­ing and pro­vid­ing a more air­tight struc­ture.”


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