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WHAT THEY ARE: Imag­ine a dou­ble- or sin­gle­hung win­dow turned on its side, and that’s pretty much what a hor­i­zon­tal slider is. As the name sug­gests, these doors slide open hor­i­zon­tally rather than ver­ti­cally.

PROS: Slid­ers cre­ate a good seal for en­er­gy­ef­fi­ciency. They’re also easier to open than dou­ble- or sin­gle-hung win­dows.

CONS: Not avail­able in as many sizes or ma­te­ri­als as dou­ble- or sin­gle-hung win­dows. Plus, only half the win­dow can be opened at one time, so they don’t al­low in as much breeze as case­ment win­dows.

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