Timber Home Living - - Annual Buyer's Guide -

Most roof dam­age oc­curs be­fore any­one at ground level no­tices it. The fol­low­ing are some signs that your roof (or parts of it) may need re­plac­ing.

1. Shin­gles that are buck­ling, curl­ing or blis­ter­ing; this in­di­cates the end of the shin­gles’ life ex­pectancy.

2. Loose ma­te­rial or wear around chim­neys, pipes and other pen­e­tra­tions. 3. Ex­ces­sive amounts of shin­gle gran­ules in your gut­ters; gran­ules give shin­gles added weight and pro­tect them from ul­tra­vi­o­let rays.

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