Murt showed de­vo­tion to duty by help­ing a fam­ily in need

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To the Editor:

We are writ­ing to thank Rep. Thomas Murt for his help to our fam­ily.

Three years ago, our brother was the in­no­cent vic­tim of a vi­o­lent crime and suf­fered a dev­as­tat­ing, trau­matic brain in­jury. He has been fight­ing to re­gain his mo­tor and cog­ni­tive skills since that at­tack. Our fam­ily had been faith­fully caring for him and strug­gled to find a fa­cil­ity that would af­ford him a chance at re­cov­ery.

Some­one sug­gested we con­tact Rep. Thomas Murt for his help since he has helped count­less other fam­i­lies with sim­i­lar chal­lenges and he is Penn­syl­va­nia’s cham­pion of hu­man ser­vices. We were re­luc­tant to make the call since Rep. Murt is not even our state rep­re­sen­ta­tive, but we felt that we needed to try.

Af­ter con­tact­ing Rep. Murt, he promptly went to work and helped our brother. Murt never hes­i­tated nor re­minded us that we were not his con­stituents. All he cared about was help­ing a fam­ily in need. Rep. Murt per­son­ally vis­ited the fa­cil­ity we were try­ing to get out brother into and pleaded our case to the pro­fes­sional care­givers there. Our brother was sub­se­quently ac­cepted into this fa­cil­ity, and for the first time in years, we have hope that our brother will make progress to­ward re­cov­ery and re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion — all this thanks to Rep. Thomas Murt.

You hear a great deal about bad politi­cians these days, but Rep. Murt helped our fam­ily, and we can’t even vote for him. How’s that for com­pas­sion and de­vo­tion to duty by this elected of­fi­cial?

Time and time again, Tom proves to go above and be­yond the call of duty for his con­stituents. I have seen first­hand the pos­i­tive im­pact he brings to the com­mu­nity. Walk­ing around the Cap­i­tal Build­ing af­ter a night in town, I couldn’t help but no­tice his of­fice was the only one on the whole cam­pus oc­cu­pied at 11:30 p.m.

For this rea­son, among many oth­ers, I give my un­wa­ver­ing sup­port to a vet­eran, an ed­u­ca­tor and a ded­i­cated pub­lic ser­vant, Rep. Tom Murt. And you should, too. oceans to rise and puts more wa­ter in the at­mos­phere. By the way, this is oc­cur­ring faster in the U.S. Mid-At­lantic re­gion than in other parts of the world and is fu­el­ing the in­ten­sity of storms like Florence.

This is just one of the is­sues that is oc­cur­ring due to Repub­li­cans not pro­tect­ing us or our en­vi­ron­ment.

We would not be deal­ing with the ma­jor wa­ter is­sue in lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties if we pro­tected our en­vi­ron­ment to be­gin with and voted to en­sure those pro­tec­tions. I won­der how long this prob­lem was known, but the choice of those with vot­ing power was to look the other way. I won­der how many peo­ple were hurt and how many prop­er­ties dam­aged.

We need to vote for those who will pro­tect us and pro­tect our chil­dren. I don’t un­der­stand how we can con­tinue to vote for those who do not keep us safe!

Vote for Sara John­son Roth­man for state rep­re­sen­ta­tive in the 151st Dis­trict. She will vote to pro­tect us. She is en­dorsed by Food and Wa­ter Ac­tion and Con­ser­va­tion Vot­ers of Pa. Our fu­ture and our chil­dren’s fu­ture de­pends on it.

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