Coldwell Banker Pre­ferred Con­shohocken lf­fice an­nounces OM11 top as­so­ci­ates

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The Con­shohocken of­fiFH RI &RlGZHll BanNHr Pre­ferred an­nounced its top as­so­ci­ates and teams at the com­pany’s re­cent 2011 awards cel­e­bra­tion held at the Rad­nor Val­ley Coun­try Club in Vil­lanova.

Earn­ing the In­ter­na­tional Pres­i­dent’s Elite Award were Chris Gal­lagher and James Hoffman, plac­ing them in the top 2 per­cent of Coldwell Banker agents world­wide. Bar­bara Man­del and Paul Maz­zo­chetti were named to the In­ter­na­tional Pres­i­dent’s Circle, which is awarded to as­soFLaWHG ranNLnJ Ln WhH WRp 4 per­cent of agents.

In­ducted into the In­ter­naWLR­nal DLaPRnG 6RFLHWy, for those rank­ing in the top 8 per­cent of agents, was 1RHlH 6WLnVRn. 0aWW DRn­nelly was named to the ,nWHr­naWLR­nal 6WHr­lLnJ 6RFLety, plac­ing him in the top 12 per­cent of CB agents.

fn­di­vid­ual ments:

BREEy DaGGLV, -Rhn DHYlLn anG -Rhn 3rLFH were named to the Cold-

Achieve- well Banker Pre­ferred $FhLHYHV 6RFLHWy IRr VXpHrLRr ValHV, anG )LYH 6War Re­fer­ral Lead­ers awards for those who make or exFHHG EranFh RI­fiFH JRalV for closed re­fer­rals went to Lisa Ca­paro-Car­lo­magno anG 0aWW DRn­nHlly.

The Harry Ca­paro Team 6pLrLW $ZarG, rHFRJnLzLnJ one as­so­ciate who goes above and be­yond to as­sist his or her col­leagues, went WR 0aWW DRn­nHlly. 2XWJRLnJ Re­fer­ral agent of the Year was Lisa Ca­paro-Car­lo­magno.

James Hoffman was the &RnVhRhRFNHn 2IfiFH 7Rp 6alHV $VVRFLaWH Ln 7RWal 8nLWV 6RlG anG 0RVW /LVWLnJV 6RlG; BarEara 0anGHl ZaV WhH &RnVhRhRFNHn 2I-

fiFH 7Rp 6alHV $VVRFLaWH. Team Achieve­ments: Coldwell Banker In­ter­na­tional Pres­i­dent’s Elite Team, awarded to the top 10 per­cent of the ap­prox­i­mately 1,826 Coldwell Banker sales as­so­ciate WHaPV Ln WhH 8nLWHG 6WaWHV and Canada, went to MiFhaHl 6rRNa.

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