Stu­dent struck, killed in ac­ci­dent

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The Chel­tenham High School was in Pourn­ing :Hd­nHs­dDy DftHr OHDrn­ing that a fresh­man at the high school wDs fDtDOOy struFk by D vHhiFOH whiOH on thH wDy to hHr sFhooO bus stoS.

7hH 14-yHDr-oOd girO, idHn­tifiHd by thH school’s web­site as Da­janique Brown5ogHrs, wDs struFk by D vHhiFOH Dround 6:50 a.m. Oct. 17 at the in­ter­sec­tion of 1Hw 6HFond 6trHHt Dnd CODrion AvHnuH, DFFord­ing to ChHOtHn­hDP SoOiFH. 6hH wDs hit by onH FDr thDt thrHw hHr in front of D sHFond FDr, SoOiFH sDid.

6hH wDs trDn­sSortHd to AObHrt Ein­stHin 0HdiF7rDuPD CHn­tHr, whHrH shH suFFuPbHd to hHr in­juriHs, SoOiFH sDid.

The girl was at­tempt­ing to cross 1Hw 6HFond to gHt to hHr sFhooO bus stoS whHn shH wDs struFk, SoOiFH sDid. ,t wDs bHOiHvHd thDt DDjDniTuH wDs thH first studHnt on hHr bus in thH Porn­ings, SoOiFH sDid.

7hH drivHrs of both vHhiFOHs iPPHdiDtHOy stoSSHd Dt thH sFHnH Dnd Dnd wit­nHssHs rHndHrHd Ds­sistDnFH, SoOiFH sDid.

7hHrH is no trDf­fiF Oight whHrH thH girO wDs Fross­ing Dnd thH strHtFh of 1Hw 6HFond bHtwHHn CovHn­try AvHnuH Dnd 2Dk /DnH 5oDd is not wHOOOit, SoOiFH sDid.

7hH DFFidHnt is stiOO undHr in­vHstigD­tion by thH ChHOtHn­hDP SoOiFH high­wDy sDfHty unit Dnd Dny­onH with Dd­di­tionDO in­forPD­tion is DskHd to call the po­lice at 215-885-1600.

ChHOtHn­hDP High 6FhooO studHnts wHrH toOd of thH DFFidHnt Dround 10:45 D.P. with dis­triFt Foun­sHOors, high sFhooO DdPin­istrD­tors Dnd dHSDrtPHnt Fo­ordinD­tors go­ing to HDFh hoPHrooP to dHOivHr thH trDgiF nHws, DFFord­ing to D PHssDgH SostHd by dis­triFt 6uSHrin­tHndHnt Dr. Dar­lene Davis on the high school’s web­site.

AOO of thH dis­triFt’s Foun­sHOors, sFhooO SsyFhoO­o­gists Dnd HvHry­onH Df­fiOiDtHd with SuSiO sHrviFHs wHrH bHing PDdH DvDiODbOH Dt thH high sFhooO “to dHOivHr DSSroSriDtH in­di­viduDO Dnd grouS griHf Foun­sHOing,” DFFord­ing to thH PHssDgH.

“:H, Ds D dis­triFt, wiOO do HvHry­thing in our SowHr to fuOOy Ds­sist thH Brown-5ogHrs fDPiOy Dnd wiOO Fon­tinuH to SrovidH HPo­tionDO suSSort to DOO PHPbHrs of our dis­triFt dur­ing this vHry dif­fiFuOt tiPH,” DDvis sDid in the mes­sage.

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