Fire vic­tims look­ing for an­swers

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A num­ber of res­i­dents im­pacted Ey Whe OFW. 5 fiUe DW Whe 1600 ChuUFh Road con­do­mini­ums in Chel­tenham are get­ting frus­trated by a lack of an­swers on when and how they will be able to ac­cess their be­long­ings.

The 55-unit at build­ing B suf­fered exWen­sLve fiUe, wDWeU DnG sPRke GDPDJe Ln Whe IRuU-DODUP fiUe WhDW EURke RuW DURunG 9:20 S.P. OFW. 5, DFFRUGLnJ WR WRwn­shLS DnG fiUe FRPSDny RI­fiFLDOs. An es­WLPDWeG 75 WR 100 SeRSOe weUe GLsSODFeG Ey Whe fiUe, whLFh sWDUWeG when D kLWFhen fiUe Ln D WhLUG-flRRU IURnW unLW sSUeDG, caus­ing part of the roof to col­lapse and ren­der­ing the build­ing un­in­hab­it­able.

BuW UesLGenWs RI sRPe RI Whe unLWs, par­tic­u­larly those that ex­ter­nally apSeDUeG LnWDFW, weUe sWLOO unDEOe WR gain ac­cess to their be­long­ings as of OFW. 16 DnG weUe JeWWLnJ LPSDWLenW.

“3eRSOe weUe DnJUy, yeOOLnJ,” DW a meet­ing called Oct. 15 by Wen­twRUWh 3URSeUWy MDnDJePenW CRUS., which man­ages the four-build­ing FRPSOex, DFFRUGLnJ WR 3DWULFLD -Rnes, D sWuGenW DW Whe 3ennsyOvDnLD Col­lege of Op­tom­e­try at Salus Univer­sity who rented a condo on the fiUsW-flRRU Rn Whe EDFk sLGe RI Whe B build­ing in July.

Jones said she left the build­ing with a back­pack with her lap­top the nLJhW RI Whe fiUe, EuW “eveUyWhLnJ Ls Ln WheUe.”

The res­i­dents re­ceived an email telling them to come to the meet­ing with a lim­ited list of items — no fur­ni­ture — they wanted re­trieved from WheLU unLWs, sDLG -Rnes. HRw­eveU, DW Whe PeeWLnJ Whe JURuS RI DERuW 50 ren­ters and own­ers who at­tended was told that an en­gi­neer hired to as­sess the build­ing had deemed it sWUuFWuUDOOy un­sWDEOe, WhDW Whe GePRli­tion con­trac­tors had been “kicked RuW DW 4 S.P.” WhDW GDy DnG nR Rne wDs DOORweG Ln Whe EuLOGLnJ, she said.

“BDsLFDOOy, we weUe JLven nR Dn­sweUs DJDLn, DnG UesLGenWs DUe even PRUe IUusWUDWeG,” -Rnes sDLG.

The GDy DIWeU Whe fiUe, UesLGenWs

were told con­trac­tors would only be go­ing i n t o get med­i­ca­tionsI she saidI but af­ter hear­ing other peo­ple had been able to have other items re­trieved and her room­mate was fac­ing a A3MM cost to have her ve­hi­cle towed to a deal­er­ship to have new keys madeI the con­trac­tors did re­trieve WHH rRRPPDWH’V SurVH with her keysI pass­port and other per­sonal items. Some pa­pers and equip­ment Jones needed in or­der to continue with her four-year pro­gram were re­trieved and showed no signs of any dam­ageI she said.

“We kept be­ing told yRu’OO HDYH Dn HRur WR JHW in” to get some thingsI but that never hap­penedI she said.

JonesI who had no in­sur­anceI said she thinks a lot of her pos­ses­sionsI in­clud­ing her fur­ni­tureI are still us­ableI and she fears she will lose them ei­ther from a lack of se­cu­rity to the build­ing or never be­ing able to ac­cess them.

“, GRn’W KnRZ ZHHWHHr to move for­wardI to buy a new routerI buy a new wardrobe or waitI” she said. “They said they hope to re­buildI but ev­ery­thing they say is spec­u­la­tion.

“,’P Ln JrDGuDWH VFHRRO. ,W’V nRW HDVy, SuWWLnJ PH Ln this sit­u­a­tionI” Jones said. “, GLGn’W ORVH HYHryWHLnJ … I want to stop pre­tend­ing I did.”

Mary Ann Mulfi­noI ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of the sal­ley Forge Re­gion of Went­worth Prop­erty ManDJHPHnW’V CRnGRPLnLuP and eome­own­ers As- so­ci­a­tion Di­vi­sionI said Tues­day the com­pany had no com­ment re­gard­ing the sit­u­a­tion at 1SMM Church Road.

But Chel­tenham Act­ing Town­ship Man­ager Brian eavir said Wed­nes­day that Went­worth is sup­posed to make ar­range­ments to have the res­i­dents re­trieve some of their be­long­ings.

The town­ship is of the un­der­stand­ing that the SrRSHrWy RZnHr’V LnVu­rance com­pany “is pre­par­ing a hold harm­less agree­ment that will al­low Went­worth Prop­erty Man­age­ment Corp. to ac­cept re­spon­si­bil­ity for es­cort­ing all res­i­dents into the build­ing to re­trieve their per­sonal pos­ses­sionsI” Chel­tenham Di­rec­tor of Engi­neer­ingI won­ing and In­spec­tions Patrick Duffy wrote in a let­ter to Mulfino.

eav­ing re­ceived the re­ports from the en­gi­neers who in­spected the build­ing that it has been deemed un­in­hab­it­able and re­viewed “a plan of ac­tion for sta­bi­liza­tion of the struc­tureI” the town­ship is post­ing a “con­demned and re­pairs nec­es­sary” sign on the build­ingI the let­ter says. It fur­ther notes the process re­quired to move for­ward with sta­bi­liza­tion and se­lec­tive de­mo­li­tion of the build­ing.

CHHOWHnHDP’V ILrH PDr­shal has been speak­ing with af­fected res­i­dents who have con­tacted the town­ship and is serv­ing at WHH WRZnVHLS’V “SRLnW SHr­sonI” eavir said.

Al­low­ing res­i­dents in to get their be­long­ings “has al­ways been our po­si­tionI” he said. “eow a week later things got dis­torted is be­yond me.”

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