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AOO thH hDUd woUN DOPost wHnt IoU nDught. WLth D hDOI hour re­main­ing in the match, HDUUL­ton tooN thH OHDd DgDLnst thH Uun oI SODy thDt wDs thH UH­suOt oI D EUHDN­down Ln dHIHnsH. LuFNLOy IoU thH Ghosts, thHy dLd not OHt thH goDO Sut thHP down Dnd PDUFhHd down thH fiHOd D FouSOH oI PLnutHs ODtHU to HTuDOLzH whHn BHn .UugHU EoPEHd D thUow IUoP dHHS Ln­sLdH thH HDUUL­ton hDOI Dnd TUDFHy UDn onto Lt Dnd hHDdHd Lnto thH IDU FoUnHU. ThH sFoUH wDs tLHd Dnd AELng­ton hDd nHw OLIH.

AELng­ton Fon­tLnuHd to SUHs­suUH Dnd hoOd thH EDOO, PDNLng dDUtLng Uuns Dnd hLt­tLng sHUvLFHs Lnto thH 18-yDUd Eox. ThH Ghosts’ Dt­tDFN NHSt thH RDPs oII EDODnFH Dnd Lt DOO FuOPLnDtHd Ln .yOH RoFNs’ gDPH wLn­nLng goDO wLth DEout 15 PLnutHs to go. Out­sLdH EDFN HDUUy HoUn, who hDd D gUHDt gDPH, FUossHd thH EDOO Lnto thH Eox Dnd RoFNs hLt Lt on thH voOOHy past the goal­keeper. Abing­ton hDd D 2-1 OHDd, Eut thHUH wDs D Oot oI tLPH OHIt.

“, thought wH doPLnDtHd soPHwhDt Ln thH DLU,” GDUEHU sDLd. “OuU guys Sut thHPsHOvHs Ln good SosLtLon to sFoUH. ,t wDs D good wLn IoU us.”

The last 10 min­utes were IUDn­tLF to sDy thH OHDst. HDUri­ton threw more play­ers IoUwDUd to tUy to HTuDOLzH, Eut DOO AELng­ton FouOd do wDs Sut SODyHUs Ln thH Eox Dnd hoSH to NHHS thH RDPs out. BUotPDn PDdH D IHw ELg sDvHs Dnd thH dHIHnsH stDyHd stUong to hoOd on IoU thH wLn.

“WHhDvHouU­woUNFutoutIoUus EHFDusH CB 6outh Ls onH oI thH toS tHDPs,” GDUEHU sDLd. “ThHy dLdn’t SODy thH ILUst Uound, Eut , OLNH SODyLng Ln thH ILUst Uound, thH NLds gHt soPH nHUvHs out. , thLnN wH’OO gLvH thHP D good EDt­tOH. WH’UH ELg Dnd stUong Dnd ShysLFDO, so wH’OO hDng wLth thHP IoU D whLOH.”

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