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A writer friend tells of a friend who lived in Wash­ing­ton, who woke one morn­ing to find his left arm was par­a­lyzed. He could not feel a sin­gle thing in his left hand. He rushed to the of­fice of a neu­ro­sur­geon in Bethesda who had ad­min­is­tered to many high-rank­ing of­fi­cials in the past. He told the doc­tor about his arm. The doc­tor, in a heavy ac­cent, replied, “Do not fear, you have come to the right place. See my cre­den­tials on the wall. I know what to do.”

The writer’s friend said, “Doc­tor, my hand, I can’t feel a thing!”

“It’s noth­ing,” said the doc­tor. “I hap­pen to be an ex­pert in the field. See those other cer­tifi­cates, it shows you as much.” “But,” said the man, “Did I have a stroke? I can’t feel…”

“Be pa­tient,” the doc­tor in­ter­rupted. “You are in good hands. See that other cer tifi­cate. That’s for when I spoke at that great in­sti­tu­tion you see men­tioned on the wall.”

With that, my writer’s friend left and went to his neigh­bor­hood doc­tor, who told him, “My friend, you just slept on your arm. If the feel­ing doesn’t come back by din­ner­time, give me a call.”

The writer’s moral to this sim­ple story is some­thing we all need to re­mem­ber: Peo­ple don’t care how much you know un­less they know how much you care!

As we come to the weeks be­fore these spe­cial re­li­gious times for many peo­ple of many faiths in this coun­try, please take this sim­ple re­minder to heart in your deal­ings with oth­ers: Peo­ple re­ally do not care how much you know un­less they see how much you care.

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