Do You Wear a Rid­ing Hel­met?


On Face­book and in the May ’16 is­sue, we asked, “Do you wear an ASTM-ap­proved, SEI-cer­ti­fied rid­ing hel­met every time you ride? Why or why not?” Here’s a selec­tion of your re­sponses.

are, how long you’ve rid­den, or how steady your mount, stuff hap­pens.

Sarah Pre­git­zer

Yes. I just wore one in my first Paso Fino show, even though I own the tra­di­tional hat. I would sim­ply feel naked with­out it! Stephanie Mar­shall Cobb

Yes, I do, and I’ve been rid­ing for just over 20 years. It’s sec­ond na­ture to me to put it on. I can’t live with­out my brain and want it as fully functioning as pos­si­ble. Deanna Be­langer

Yes! Wear­ing a hel­met has saved me from a frac­tured skull, or worse, and has pre­vented con­cus­sions. If a fall cracks the hel­met, can you imag­ine what would have hap­pened to my un­pro­tected head?

Judy Lorimer

I hate my hel­met, but I al­ways wear it. I want some pro­tec­tion against a trau­matic

brain in­jury (TBI). You can some­times re­cover from other in­juries, but af­ter a TBI, you’ll un­likely ever be the same again. Joan Peter­son

Yes. There are a lot of body parts I can live with­out, but my brain isn’t one of them Laura A. Schaack

Next ques­tion: When you’re rid­ing or trav­el­ing with your horse, what’s your great­est fear? What steps do you take to feel more at ease?

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