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Cow­boy Dres­sage co-founder Ei­tan Beth-Halachmy, born in Is­rael, dreamed as a boy of grow­ing up to be a cow­boy in the Amer­i­can West. Af­ter com­ing to the United States to fin­ish his univer­sity stud­ies, BethHalachmy stayed and has gone on to be­come a re­spected and ac­com­plished trainer, com­peti­tor, per­former, and ed­u­ca­tor. He has, in fact, be­come that icon he dreamed about — an Amer­i­can cow­boy. sion. The smaller court also fits the move­ments and shorter strides of Western horses.

Each cone around the court has a brand to go with the let­ters (for ex­am­ple, Dou­ble Bar N, Lazy J, Heart H, Rock­ing R, and Bro­ken Ar­row F), en­hanc­ing the Western iden­tity of the Cow­boy Dres­sage court. Test­ing: Com­peti­tors are re­quired to per­form pat­terns of ma­neu­vers, in­creas­ing in dif­fi­culty level depend­ing on the test. Ma­neu­vers in­clude walk, jog, and lope gaits in free and work­ing tem­pos; stops, turns, and backs, of­ten as­so­ci­ated with boxes, cones, or ground poles; and cir­cles of vary­ing sizes and speeds. Tests in­clude Walk/ Jog, Walk/Jog/Lope, Chal­lenge, Va­quero Chal­lenge, Gaited, Part­ner­ship on the Ground, and Freestyle. Judg­ing and scor­ing: Judges score each el­e­ment of the pat­tern us­ing marks rang­ing from 0 (not ex­e­cuted) to 10 (ex­cel­lent). Since soft feel is the mis­sion of Cow­boy Dres­sage, it’s scored with an em­pha­sis on light­ness, har­mony, fi­nesse, and part­ner­ship as a pri­or­ity. Bal­ance, ca­dence, car­riage, con­trol, and per­for­mance are ad­di­tional ar­eas over which the horse and rider are judged and scored.

Deb­bie Beth-Halachmy shows Indigo Go Gold in a Cow­boy Dres­sage com­pe­ti­tion. Com­peti­tors are al­lowed to ride two-handed.

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