Ab­sorbent Bed­ding


Espoma Sani-Care is a highly ab­sorbent, all-nat­u­ral bed­ding made from a blend of Na­tional In­sti­tutes of Health-ap­proved pre­mium hard­woods that in­cludes beech, birch, and maple. (All source forests are man­aged for sustainability.) SaniCare’s ad­vanced ab­sorbency is the re­sult of heat treat­ment and a pro­pri­etary man­u­fac­tur­ing process the com­pany calls Mi­croCube Tech­nol­ogy™. Es­sen­tially, this process im­proves ab­sorbency by mak­ing more sur­face area avail­able on the SaniCare par­ti­cles to ab­sorb mois­ture with­out cre­at­ing dust. The ab­sorbed mois­ture forms clumps that you can eas­ily sift away from dry ma­te­rial, re­duc­ing the need to strip the stall and re­place bed­ding ma­te­rial. The re­sult is a cleaner, drier, health­ier stall that re­quires less time and ef­fort to main­tain. Cost: Con­tact your lo­cal dealer. Con­tact: The Espoma Com­pany, (800) 634-0603; www.sani-care.com. TTR

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