Stay Safe on Hills

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When foot­ing gets slip­pery, most horses nat­u­rally try to cling to the up­hill side of the trail. This can cause their feet to slide side­ways un­der them. Try to keep the horse on the most level part of the tread. If the horse feels like he’s go­ing to fall, give him his head with a loose rein, and be ready to bail off on the high side of the trail if he falls. If go­ing straight up a steep, slip­pery slope, keep the horse straight, and keep him go­ing but not rush­ing. Other rid­ers should wait at the top, leav­ing room for the next horse to come up. Rid­ers at the bot­tom should wait un­til the horse in front of them is clear of the slope so as not to be in the way if there’s a prob­lem. — Ex­cerpted from The Cer­ti­fied Horse­man­ship Trail Guide Man­ual (

When you reach the top of a slip­pery hill, wait at the top while leav­ing room for oth­ers to move up one at a time.

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