9 Barn-Fire Safety Tips

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Many barn haz­ards are re­lated to fires or po­ten­tial fires, and for good rea­son: Fire is ev­ery horse owner’s worst night­mare. Your stalled horse is par­tic­u­larly vul­ner­a­ble, be­cause barns are packed full of com­bustibles. Here are nine life­sav­ing barn-fire safety tips. • Ban smok­ing. Make your barn a “no smok­ing” area — no ex­cep­tions. Post no-smok­ing signs in high-traf­fic ar­eas in and around your barn, and en­force the ban. • Clean up. Keep your barn tidy, un­clut­tered, and clean. Elim­i­nate piles of scrap lum­ber, half-used bags of grass seed, empty feed bags, and gaso­line cans. • Re­move flam­ma­bles. Store com­bustible ma­te­ri­als (hay, bed­ding, fuel, chem­i­cals, paint, and gas-pow­ered equip­ment) at least 50 feet from your barn. • Watch fuel and fumes. Re­fuel your equip­ment out­side your barn, and be care­ful when you drive your trac­tor, mower, or other ma­chin­ery through it; ex­haust fumes are com­bustible, too. • Man­age ma­nure. Don’t let ma­nure build up in or near your barn, and keep the ma­nure pile as far from your barn as pos­si­ble. (De­com­pos­ing ma­nure cre­ates heat.) • Man­age veg­e­ta­tion. Keep your grass mowed and your weeds pulled; con­sider sur­round­ing your barn with gravel in­stead of plant­ings. • In­stall ex­tin­guish­ers. Mount an all-pur­pose Dry Chem­i­cal ABC fire ex­tin­guisher just in­side each barn door, plus one in the tack room. Keep the fire ex­tin­guish­ers fully charged, and make sure that ev­ery­one at your barn knows how to use them. • En­hance your ad­dress. Be sure that your street num­ber is clearly vis­i­ble from the road so that your lo­cal fire de­part­ment can find you in case of emer­gency. • Take ac­tion. If you notice a small fire de­spite your preven­tion ef­forts, call the fire de­part­ment im­me­di­ately, then grab your fire ex­tin­guisher. Think PASS: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. Pull the pin, aim the noz­zle at the base of the flames, squeeze the trig­ger, and sweep the ex­tin­guisher from side to side, cov­er­ing the fire area. Af­ter the fire is out, recharge or re­place the ex­tin­guisher.

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