Post-Stor­age In­spec­tion

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Af­ter a pro­longed stor­age, fol­low this 11-point in­spec­tion rou­tine be­fore re­mov­ing your trailer from the jack stands to make sure it’s ready to roll. Re­move all wheels and hubs or brake drums. Note which spin­dle and brake the drum was re­moved from so it can be re­in­stalled in the same lo­ca­tion. In­spect your trailer’s sus­pen­sion for wear. If you have spring and shackle sus­pen­sion, check the tight­ness of the hanger bolt, shackle bolt, and U-bolt nuts per rec­om­mended torque val­ues. (Most all trail­ers now have rub­ber tor­sion sus­pen­sion that needs lit­tle care.) Check the brake lin­ings, brake drums, and ar­ma­ture faces for ex­ces­sive wear or scor­ing. Check the brake mag­nets with an ohm­me­ter. The mag­nets should check 3.2 ohms. If shorted or worn ex­ces­sively, re­place. Lubri­cate all the brakes’ mov­ing parts, us­ing a high-tem­per­a­ture brake lu­bri­cant. Cau­tion: Don’t get grease or oil on the brake lin­ings or mag­net face. Re­move any rust from the brak­ing sur­face and the drums’ ar­ma­ture sur­face with fine emery pa­per or cro­cus cloth. Pro­tect the bear­ings from con­tam­i­na­tion as you do. In­spect oil or grease seals for wear or nicks. Re­place if nec­es­sary. Lubri­cate hub bear­ings.

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