In the Trailer


If you’ll be trai­ler­ing your horse to the trail­head, bring these items along in your trailer. You’ll need to tie your horse to the trailer to tack him up and pre­pare him for the ride.

Tack & Gear

Sad­dle Cinch/girth Sad­dle pad Bri­dle/bit/reins Breast­col­lar Crup­per Hoof boots (for bare­foot horses) Sad­dle­bags/pom­mel bags Hal­ter Lead rope Longe line (to longe your horse be­fore your ride)

Health & Groom­ing

Cur­rycomb Dandy brushes Mane/tail brush or comb Soft rags Hoof pick Fly mask (for in­side the trailer and on the ride) Fly spray (to re­pel flies, mos­qui­toes, and ticks) Rain sheet/blan­ket (for in­clement weather) Cooler (to cool down your horse) Ma­nure fork/broom (to clean your trailer)

Feed & Wa­ter

Cer­ti­fied weed-free hay Wa­ter/wa­ter bucket Hay net (for the out­side of the trailer)

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