Do You Let Oth­ers Ride Your Horse?


On Facebook and in the March ’17 is­sue, we asked, “Do you al­low other peo­ple to ride your horse? If not, why not? If so, what pre­cau­tions do you take?” Here’s a se­lec­tion of your re­sponses.

No. She’s mine, and she trusts me to take care of her. Like­wise, I trust her to take care of me.

Jer­rie Kelly

Yes. My daugh­ter and a cou­ple of very close friends ride my horse like I would. He ben­e­fits from the ex­tra ex­er­cise.

Su­san Hacko

No one is al­lowed to ride my horse un­su­per­vised un­less he or she is a very good friend and I have seen that per­son ride many, many times.

Chris Zim

All the time. I have a few friends who

I trust ex­plic­itly. They ride mine. I ride theirs. We bor­row and share all the time.

Tyra Rh­nee Ca­nary

Never, never, never. Sharon McPhail Glover

Nope. My horse is my horse. I do have an ex­tra horse that I let some peo­ple ride on oc­ca­sion.

Ar­min Hester­berg

Gen­er­ally, no. Good friends can ride my old man horse in the cor­ral; very few get to trail ride.

Kristin Dorner

I have three horses, but I alone ride my Ap­paloosa. He’s my fa­vorite and has been for years.

Kather­ine Wor­ley

No. My horse and I have a spe­cial bond, and I would hate for a guest rider to let him do things that would lead my horse to de­velop bad habits or give him cues he doesn’t un­der­stand. A pro­fi­cient rider might be al­lowed.

Bon­nie Moothart

We do not for in­sur­ance rea­sons — and our horses are much more tuned up with­out novices rid­ing them.

Kelli Rohloff

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