More Tire-Chang­ing Tips


In the March ’17 is­sue, a reader asked how to more eas­ily raise a tire into po­si­tion when chang­ing a flat (“Tire-Chang­ing Tips,” Around the Camp­fire). My hus­band has a sim­ple idea. He places the tip of a shovel under the tire. By push­ing down on the han­dle, the tire is eas­ily raised into po­si­tion so he can line up the holes with the studs and push it on. Mar­i­lyn Bivens Downsville, Louisiana

I’ve found the best way to lift a tire onto the studs is to use a short-han­dle flat shovel. Hold the shovel with one hand, and ma­neu­ver the tire with the other hand. On muddy or sandy ground, place a board wide enough to fit under your drive-on jack and ap­prox­i­mately 12 inches longer to spread out the weight. Stan­ley Rob­bins Rocky Mount, North Carolina

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