Pam­per and Pro­tect


Equi­derma’s Royal Spa Treat­ment col­lec­tion in­cludes a va­ri­ety of prod­ucts to help make your equine pal re­laxed and com­fort­able. The Neem Sham­poo is de­signed to im­prove skin con­di­tion with­out strip­ping nat­u­ral oils. The Neem Oil Con­di­tioner will strengthen and soften, and also in­hibit skin prob­lems, such as rain rot and tail itch­ing. The Skin Lo­tion helps rem­edy scratches, mane and tail rub­bing, in­sect feast­ing, ring­worm, and other skin is­sues. Equi­derma Out­door Spray nat­u­rally pro­tects both you and your horse from bit­ing in­sects. The Cal­en­dula & Neem Wound Oint­ment am­pli­fies wound heal­ing and keeps in­sects out. Use the Zinc Ox­ide Paste as sun pro­tec­tion, as well as in the treat­ment of scratches, greasy heel, dew poi­son­ing, and mud fever. Sheath, Udder, and Gen­i­tal Cleanser cuts through the smegma, mak­ing your job eas­ier and your horse much more com­fort­able. Cost: $149.99. Con­tact: Equi­derma Prod­ucts, (800) 573-1020; www.equi­

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