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Joe “JoeFace” Mon­teleone and James Buch­mann talk duets.

It’s here, TransWorld video #30. Can you be­lieve it? For this opus, Joe “JoeFace” Mon­teleone and James Buch­mann ap­proached us about mak­ing an all shared­parts project, called duets, shot on 4k/RED cam­eras. It’s been a year and a half in the mak­ing, so read up on the thoughts be­hind the scenes as we’ve hit the fin­ish line. How did the whole idea of this video come about? JoeFace: I got wind that the 29th TWS video was sup­posed to be the last full-length video, and I called Mike Fitzger­ald and said, “I have an idea for a video and I’m gonna come down to­mor­row and talk to you and Jaime [Owens] and ev­ery­body about it.”

I hung up the phone and I called [James] Buch­mann, and I was like, “I’m go­ing to Transworld, I’m gonna in­ter­view for the 30th video and see if we can make it.”

The idea was formed around Kevin White and Na-Kel shar­ing a part, they were orig­i­nally sup­posed to. I just fin­ished watch­ing Feed­back and the idea was, let’s make a video of all split parts. I don’t think any­one’s done that and it would be some­thing new. I think I came up with the idea on the drive down to Transworld that day. Buch­mann: I re­mem­ber I had just left The Skate­board Mag and Joe wanted to pitch a skate video to Transworld. Joe had come up with the duets idea while pick­ing me up in Venice to head down to San Diego to meet with Jaime Owens. We talked about it in the car the en­tire ride down. When we were leav­ing the of­fice to talk about the idea I re­mem­ber the chances of mak­ing it didn’t seem likely, but then a cou­ple weeks later we got the green light.

Did you have the ti­tle duets in mind from the be­gin­ning also?

JoeFace: Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of, was the name. Two dudes, whole video, duets. Buch­mann: There’s some­thing so rad about two peo­ple shar­ing a part, it shows how fun skat­ing with your friends is. I’ve been in­flu­enced by many shared parts such as Louie Bar­letta and Jerry Hsu (Sub­ject to Change), BA and Gino Ian­nucci (Noth­ing but the Truth), Bobby Wor­rest and Hjalte Hal­berg (Looks OK to Me), the triplet part in A Time to Shine with Paul, Mikey, and Jereme Rogers. It sounded like such a good idea and we knew it would lighten the load for the skaters with their crazy sched­ules nowa­days. Why did you guys de­cide to use RED cam­eras for this?

JoeFace: We are id­iots. We wanted to make it as hard as hu­manly pos­si­ble for our­selves. No, I’m kid­ding. Buch­mann and I both have REDs and based on what we watched grow­ing up, Transworld videos al­ways had a higher qual­ity film aes­thetic to ev­ery­thing they did. We own these movie cam­eras, you know they make real movies with them, so we de­cided to make it 4k. That was the goal. Buch­mann: Me and Joe both have REDs so we knew that was what we were go­ing to shoot it on. I am a big fan of the image and way the footage can help you in post. I do miss film­ing with a cam­era and a zoom though, get­ting around on trips and skate mis­sions was def­i­nitely a chal­lenge dur­ing this video. Go­ing back to one cam­era bag and a de­cent photo tri­pod sounds like heaven. For the project set­tings, I re­ally love the look of 24 frames, but with the com­pli­ca­tions of not hav­ing dou­ble an­gles and RED be­ing the only cam­era that can shoot at 48 frames with sound, we de­cided to shoot the video in 60p and fin­ish it in a 30p time­line. I be­lieve iTunes is go­ing to have the 4k op­tion.

How long has this video been in the works? JoeFace: We came down and talked about it in Fe­bru­ary or March of 2017, and I think we started film­ing for it in April. Then I got into that car ac­ci­dent in May, that kind of put me on the shelf for a while. I al­most died, that wasn’t cool. A cou­ple months af­ter that we started to go for it and I haven’t re­ally stopped since. The video is due in a week and I’m still film­ing.

Buch­mann: The cur­rent lineup has been in the works since Oc­to­ber 2017, but we started film­ing in May 2017.

What filmers in­flu­ence you?

JoeFace: Joe Cas­trucci for sure. Pho­to­syn­the­sis is the most im­por­tant video I’ve ever watched. That’s the epit­ome of a per­fect video. Now that I’m older, I ap­pre­ci­ate what Greg Hunt has done, what Jon Hol­land has done, what Ty Evans has done, what Ja­son Her­nan­dez has done. Those guys go above and be­yond and have bred other guys to do what they do. [Bill] Strobeck has cre­ated some­thing that’s all his own, which is sick. [Aaron] Meza for sure. There is a long list of guys that have made leg­endary videos that have shaped the way I look at things. Jon Miner, Benny Magli­nao, Josh Ste­wart, as well.

Buch­mann: Rus­sell Houghten, French Fred, Ja­son Her­nan­dez, Benny Magli­nao, Jon Hol­land, Spike Jonze and Ty Evans. Also lo­cal NY filmers like Justin White, Jeremy Co­hen, Steve Marino, and RB Umali re­ally mo­ti­vated me when I was younger.

Your fa­vorite clip in the video we should look out for.

JoeFace: Buch­mann filmed a clip of Sebo that I re­ally like. Just be­cause of the way Sebo did the whole thing. Jake [Hayes]’s last trick is re­ally spe­cial. Vin [Al­varez]’s last trick in his and Zack [Wallin]’s part is re­ally spe­cial, nol­lie 270 tail 270 in that SD ditch with Marius. Car­los [Ribeiro]’s switch tail 270 heel, gap in gap out at USC is crazy. Ev­ery sin­gle thing that Miles [Sil­vas] did was fucked. The boys killed it, they fuckin’ crushed it.

Buch­mann: The first time I busted out the cam­era in Spain, about 15 min­utes later I had footage on my card which I’m pretty sure is my fa­vorite line I have ever had the priv­i­lege of rid­ing shot­gun on. It’s sim­ple but the style, the sound, the flow, it hit home.

Have you put any thought in what you’re go­ing to do next? Af­ter the video?

JoeFace: I have a reg­u­lar job out­side of film­ing this video. I run Dick­ies Skate­board­ing. I was dou­ble duty the en­tire time we’ve been film­ing. My re­spon­si­bil­i­ties will shift back to­ward Dick­ies full time. The boys have kicked around the idea of maybe do­ing a full-length. We’ll have to have a dis­cus­sion about that.

Buch­mann: I have been so busy the last cou­ple years with try­ing to work and skate ev­ery sec­ond in be­tween. It will be nice to take a cou­ple slow months and re­lax. I’m talk­ing to my friend Chris Col­bourn about work­ing on a project with him. We will have to see.

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