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The “shut up and skate” ethos works just fine for HUF’s new­est am, Justin Dry­sen. Read up on why 2018 has been such a big year for this quiet killer. And it’s only go­ing to get bet­ter.

If you think there’s any­thing wrong with let­ting your skat­ing do the talk­ing, then you prob­a­bly just talk too much. Hav­ing a cool, calm de­meanor and tal­ent on a skate­board are two traits that aren’t of­ten com­bined, es­pe­cially in a world where looks and per­son­al­ity will cash your checks just as fast as nat­u­ral style and skill. It’s the dis­creet ones that you have to dou­ble take, or else you might just be miss­ing some­thing great. Pep­per in some quick feet and a brag-wor­thy bag of tricks, real style and an eye for dope spots… and the ad­mi­ra­tion just keeps boil­ing and boil­ing. You know how the say­ing goes: “Shut up and skate.” It works for Justin Dry­sen.

Yo Justin, let’s cover the ba­sics: Where are you from, where do you live, how’d it all be­gin? I was born in Oahu/Kailua, Hawaii but moved to Orange County when I was two. I’m 22-year­sold now and I got into skat­ing when I was four be­cause my un­cle hooked me and my lit­tle brother up with a board on my fourth birth­day, his third, and I just re­mem­ber skat­ing over broom­sticks when we were young shortly af­ter.

What was it like for you grow­ing up in Orange County? Any no­table pros sprout from the same area as you?

Grow­ing up in Orange County was tight. There was a lot of lit­tle stuff to skate as a teen once I started pick­ing it up and there were some re­ally good spots around the house I lived in. All the older homies I looked up to showed me around OC, ei­ther skat­ing or hopping on the OCTA bus. And yeah, a lot of them come to think of it, like Ron­nie Crea­ger, James Craig, Austyn Gil­lette, Danny Gar­cia. What’s it like be­ing one of HUF’s new­est ams and trav­el­ing with ev­ery­one? How’d you orig­i­nally get hooked up with them?

I got hooked up from my friend Jay [Larsen]. He worked there at the be­gin­ning about four years ago. Af­ter a while of be­ing flowed I got in­tro­duced to Tyler Cichy who is the TM and started get­ting in the van with ev­ery­one and go­ing out. It feels like a bless­ing, ev­ery­one I go out and skate with is re­ally cool and it feels like a team. Plus, I look up to all those guys’ skat­ing and who they are. So far I’ve been to Ve­gas, Mi­ami, New York City and up­state New York, and I’ve been out of the coun­try a few times, too. Went to Barcelona, Bel­gium, Switzer­land, and Lon­don. I had re­ally good ex­pe­ri­ences at all those places; crazy good spots, plates. It all makes me want to go back.

Damn, you’ve been on the move. That’s rad. What about Quasi? What’s it like rid­ing for a team with such a leg­endary cast of dudes? With Quasi, it’s sick. I’m just flow for them but I’m hyped to be in­volved with amaz­ing peo­ple like them. Ev­ery­one there is re­ally dope. Their new video, Mother got me so hyped. Prob­a­bly all of you guys, too. Haven’t trav­eled with them yet, but I want to though.

Yeah, for sure. Mother was so good. Tell me about the WEFRIED crew? When did that start, who’s in­volved?

WEFRIED crew is a fam­ily; ev­ery­one’s been get­ting it since I was 12 or younger. But it re­ally got started around 2017, film­ing homies and mak­ing our first full-length video [WEFRIED]. Skat­ing with them is noth­ing but good times. There are ten of us but we have friends all over that back us and skate when­ever we’re around. For the most part it’s me, my brother Chris, Matt Bar­nette, Alex Ten­ni­son, and Motz. Motz films and we’ve been skat­ing a lot lately. We’re try­ing to get an­other trip go­ing af­ter we went to New York. And we got in­volved with you guys at Transworld through my good friend Je­sus Meza. He shoots pho­tos and talked to Kee­gan [Cal­la­han] about us, and that’s what got us con­nected.

We love the WEFRIED ed­its. Keep ‘em com­ing. You have a unique bag of tricks and a pair of quick feet. Who are some skaters who in­flu­ence you and your skat­ing?

Ah, thanks man. There’re too many (laughs). Re­ally, I ap­pre­ci­ate ev­ery­one that skates. But a few dudes who in­flu­ence me are Tom Knox be­cause of his long lines and good style. He’s quick with it. Devine Cal­loway. Watch­ing him skate over the years, he’s al­ways been so smooth! Danny Gar­cia does, be­cause he’s an OC leg­end. Tay­lor Nida, Bob Burn­quist, Gideon Choi, Austyn Gil­lette. So many! Any 90s street footage will get me up and out and want­ing to get it too! From the out­side look­ing in, you seem like a quiet, re­served dude. What gets you sparked and out of your com­fort zone?

Yeah, I’m pretty quiet un­less you know me. But hon­estly, what gets me pumped is just skat­ing, laugh­ing, new places, hav­ing a good time. That’ll all break me out of that shell for sure [laughs].

You work­ing on any video projects or any­thing right now? Any trips planned?

Yeah, I have a part com­ing out in this new HUF video 002 and that’s drop­ping Novem­ber 17th. It’ll fea­ture me, Solomon Car­de­nas and the rest of the team. We’re go­ing to have a pre­miere so I hope all you guys can make it out! Re­ally ex­cited for that. I have some VX stuff stacked up, too, so I might drop a part that my friend Motz and Nick filmed. As far as trips, I’m go­ing out to Ja­pan in Oc­to­ber for a lit­tle over a week, so I’m re­ally ex­cited for that. I’ve never been so I’m ready for all the cul­ture vibes. I’ve trav­eled the most I ever have in my life this year for sure, which I’m happy about. I’m al­ways down for more.

You men­tioned your brother skates a lot with you also. You two must be pretty close? What’s it like hav­ing a brother in the same group of friends skat­ing all the time?

Yeah he’s skated with me since the be­gin­ning and he’s re­ally good. He’s spe­cial. Its cool you know, some­times we bump heads [laughs] but that’s what broth­ers do. He’s re­ally hum­ble and he pumps me up to skate when we’re out. I’m older by a year and one day, so he’s on my level for one day. Same birth­day par­ties ev­ery year [laughs].

What’s up with the fu­ture? What are some of your goals in skate­board­ing?

I just want to keep trav­el­ing and skat­ing good spots with friends. Keep film­ing parts and just keep it go­ing. Gotta stay happy do­ing it all, be­cause this is all I’ve ever wanted.

Solid. What about your goals out­side of skate­board­ing?

Goals out­side of skate­board­ing are get­ting my own place soon, prefer­ably LA county, but first, I have to get a car. Stack up money, make a small com­pany of some sort that in­volves skat­ing and hang with my fam­ily be­cause fam­ily is ev­ery­thing.

Well I ap­pre­ci­ate the time, Justin. Any­one you want to shout out?

I want to shout out all my spon­sors, my fam­ily, peo­ple that deal with me [laughs], my friends, my loved ones that have al­ways been here for me. Just ev­ery­one that sup­ports me. WEFRIED, Ter­race Skate Sup­ply, sml wheels, the HUF fam­ily, and of course you guys at TWS for giv­ing me this in­ter­view. Thank you guys! Big ups.

Photo: Alex Papke | Por­trait: Dakota Mullins

Back­side nose­blunt-slide. Long Beach, CA.

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