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Mikey Al­fred and the Il­le­gal Civ crew have been in the trenches fin­ish­ing IC3, amongst plenty of other things. They might all be busy, but be­ing busy means noth­ing when you’re hav­ing fun with your friends.

Mikey Al­fred might be the hard­est work­ing young film­maker we know. While co-pro­duc­ing Mid90s with Jonah Hill, his street team of Il­le­gal Civ skaters and filmer Davonte Jolly have been in the trenches fin­ish­ing IC3. You al­ready know what to ex­pect, and this third in­stall­ment promises to be the best to­tal pack­age of hi­jinks, per­son­al­ity quirks, com­edy, and skat­ing yet. An­other cult-clas­sic star is born.

Il­le­gal Civ videos are al­ways re­ally dif­fer­ent from other skate videos, is IC3 go­ing to be dif­fer­ent from even pre­vi­ous IC videos?

Yeah, IC videos are dif­fer­ent be­cause of the mu­sic switches, the color pal­ette, and the way that we fo­cus on peo­ples’ per­son­al­i­ties and lit­tle quirks. That’s al­most as im­por­tant as the skat­ing. IC3 we’ve been work­ing on for three years, it has so many hi­jinks, so much stuff in there we’ve been sit­ting on for three years. When peo­ple see it, they’re go­ing to be blown away. It’s the best skate video I’ve ever made.

You had some in­ter­est­ing ideas of how you wanted to roll it out, with Vice and HBO, right? The peo­ple at Vice we were work­ing with all quit, so that plan kind of fell apart. So now it’s like The Carter V, where we have this fire, fire movie and we’re wait­ing to see what the best play is for the wide re­lease. The LA pre­miere is Oc­to­ber 28 for sure.

Of course you were in­volved in get­ting the guys on Ballers, yeah?

My friend Scott Vener had been talk­ing about it for the past five years, he said, “I wanna get you guys on HBO, let’s make this hap­pen.” It was sup­posed to hap­pen in the first sea­son, then in the sec­ond sea­son—it was all about pa­tience and know­ing that it would even­tu­ally work out. Then I started be­com­ing friends with Stephen Levin­son who is the ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer of Ballers. He’s done a bunch of shows on HBO like Board­walk Em­pire and En­tourage. He was say­ing when the sto­ry­line is right, we’re gonna put you guys in. It’s not just gonna be a quick cameo, we’re go­ing to make you a real story point. I was like, okay, I’m ready. When that phone rings, we’re go­ing to come do it. Fast for­ward to sea­son four, four years later, Levin­son gives me a call one day and says, “We’re re­ally gonna do it, are you ready?” I was like, let’s do it. We showed up on set, we got our own trail­ers. Me, Aramis, Ry­der, Nico, Gary Rogers, it was in­cred­i­ble.

How did you bal­ance fin­ish­ing IC3 and work­ing on Mid90s with Jonah Hill at the same time? So much of that was Davonte Jolly. While I would be work­ing with Jonah on Mid90s and re­ally com­mit­ting my­self to that project, Jolly was out in the streets get­ting it done.

Are you think­ing about work­ing on the next IC video, or do you have other plans for the brand af­ter this?

Davonte Jolly is go­ing to hope­fully make his own first full-length. He’s go­ing to take the cast, of course the IC skaters, and other peo­ple. For me, I’m work­ing on an­other movie that will hope­fully come out in 2020. It’s go­ing to be called North Hol­ly­wood. It’s about a kid who wants to be a skater, but his dad wants him to go to col­lege. It’s about that mo­ment when we want to do one thing, but our par­ents want us to do the safer thing. We’ve all been there, whether it’s skat­ing or mu­sic or art.

Kevin White:

“Work­ing on this video has been an ac­tual plea­sure. I love the way things worked out! I’m so happy to have a squad that’s fam­ily amongst the rest of our fam­i­lies. You know, we’re all from dif­fer­ent places, but are here for the same rea­sons. I love that. I love them and I love that this will be shared with the world soon and I know you’ll love it too! It’s far from over af­ter this. Keep your eyes peeled, we com­ing in hot. It’s reg­u­lar!”

Aramis Hud­son:

“IC3 and ev­ery other IC video are the best skate videos that are hard to clas­sify as “skate.” Il­le­gal Civ­i­liza­tion is a tal­ented group of in­di­vid­u­als that skate, but we do much more. I don’t film and tally up the days I’ve been film­ing for, but I haven’t skated in six months due to a bro­ken an­kle in late April, so sorry if my part is trash (laughs). We’re unique be­cause we skate! I’m ly­ing, we don’t skate! IC3 Oc­to­ber, our pre­miere will go crazy, that’s a fact.“

Zach Sara­ceno:

“You can ex­pect a whole dif­fer­ent kind of skate film be­cause it’s not just skat­ing; ev­ery­one has unique per­son­al­i­ties and tal­ents that the video shows. I got on the team al­most a year and a half ago so I prob­a­bly spent a year and a half film­ing for it, but I was in high school at the time so I couldn’t come skate with them ev­ery day in LA. The video is spe­cial be­cause ev­ery­one that’s a part of Il­le­gal Civ is re­ally dif­fer­ent and has so many things be­sides skat­ing that they do and the video shows it pretty well.”




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