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Ted New­some

(Uno [96], 4 Wheel Drive [96], Great­est Hits [97], Cin­e­matog­ra­pher [97])

Fa­vorite TWS video? Sight Un­seen. It was just such a sweet spot. For my­self, I re­ally liked shoot­ing the 16mm film in 4

Wheel Drive.

Fa­vorite part? Penny bank-tochain in Uno. I think Skin filmed it. There wasn’t re­ally any craft to it but when you’re doc­u­ment­ing Tom, it doesn’t mat­ter.

Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? I have to go with my high school buddy

Jon Hol­land.

Ewan Bow­man

(In Bloom [02], Free Your Mind [03])

Fa­vorite TWS video? The Rea­son, with the Moby in­tro. Those ti­tles. That video. Just an emo­tional roller­coaster ride of epic­ness. Fa­vorite part? Cardiel, Sight Un­seen. Orig­i­nal ripper. Orig­i­nal Coors.

Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? It’s all three; Jon, Ty, Greg—those are the guys. They set it all. Like Ques­tion­able (’92). They set the prece­dent.

Ty Evans

(Cin­e­matog­ra­pher [97], In­ter­face [97], Sixth Sense [98], Trans­mis­sion 7 [99], Feed­back [99], The Rea­son [99], Modus Operandi [00])

Fa­vorite TWS video? Feed­back.

It came from Trans­mis­sion 7 be­ing so for­get­table in my mind. We made a con­scious ef­fort to change that and Feed­back sets the stage for ev­ery­thing af­ter. Fa­vorite part? Muska/Feed­back with­out a doubt.

Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? Jon Hol­land. The most re­ward­ing part of mak­ing those videos was pass­ing it on to Jon and see­ing where he took it.

Ja­son Her­nan­dez

(Free Your Mind [03], Sub­tleties [04], First Love [05], A Time To Shine [06], Let’s Do This [07])

Fa­vorite TWS video? Modus Operandi.

Fa­vorite part? Marc John­son, Modus Operandi.

Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? Jon Hol­land.

Jon Hol­land

(The Rea­son [99], Modus Operandi [00], i.e. [00], Sight Un­seen [01], In Bloom [02], Free Your Mind [03], Sub­tleties [04], First Love [05], A Time To Shine [06], Let’s Do This [07], And

Now [08], Right Foot For­ward [09], Hal­lelu­jah [10], Not An­other Transworld Video [11], Per­pet­ual Mo­tion [12], Cin­e­matog­ra­pher Project [12])

Fa­vorite TWS video? Sight Un­seen.

Fa­vorite part? John Cardiel, Sight Un­seen.

Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? Ty Evans. He was my men­tor.

Chris Ray

(And Now [08], Right Foot For­ward [09], Hal­lelu­jah [10], Not An­other Transworld Video [11])

Fa­vorite TWS video? Over­all, Modus Operandi. Fa­vorite I made was N.A.T.V.

Fa­vorite part? Muska, Feed­back. Can’t go wrong with Ty and the Muska.

Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? Three way tie. Ty, for push­ing ev­ery­thing, Hol­land for the be­hind the scenes and edit­ing, and Her­nan­dez just for be­ing such a damn good filmer.

Greg Hunt

(i.e. [00], Sight Un­seen [01])

Fa­vorite TWS video? Sight Un­seen. Not be­cause of me. Only be­cause I feel like a lot of re­ally spe­cial things came to­gether. I made it with Jon. His sup­port and friend­ship were re­ally cru­cial. Fa­vorite part? AWS Cin­e­matog­ra­pher Project (’12) Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? Ty Evans. He was re­ally push­ing the en­ve­lope. He’s also the rea­son I started work­ing in skate­board­ing again.

Chris Thiessen

(Per­pet­ual Mo­tion [13], Out­liers [14], Sub­stance [16], Rid­dles in Math­e­mat­ics [17])

Fa­vorite TWS video? Modus Operandi or The Sixth Sense. Fa­vorite part? Josh Kalis/Ste­vie Wil­liams, The Sixth Sense. That was the part that made me fall in love with TWS videos.

Fa­vorite Di­rec­tor? Greg Hunt. Other names are com­ing into my head now but Greg’s was the first.

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