Zack Wallin on Vin­cent Al­varez:

Transworld Snowboarding - - IC3 -

How’s it been so far?

It’s been cool man. Kind of dif­fer­ent go­ing into a video know­ing you’re go­ing to share a part. This is the first time I’ve ever re­ally done that.

Is it less pres­sure? More pres­sure?

Orig­i­nally I thought it would be less but ac­tu­ally it has it’s own pres­sures too. You don’t want to let your buddy down that you’re shar­ing the part with.

Their stuff might be amaz­ing too, and you’re just chilling?

(Laughs). Yeah. Fuck man, Vince is good. And he has a lot of cool unique tricks.

Vin­cent is prob­a­bly the one guy you can be sure you won’t be try­ing the same tricks as at least. Oh yeah. He’s fast, tech, and un­usual. His trick book is so rare. He catches me off guard some­times. What videos and what parts first come to mind when you think of TWS videos?

So many. Cairo Foster in The Rea­son. I was just go­ing through my old stash. I got a VHS copy of In Bloom right here. That video is in­cred­i­ble. Paul Rodriguez in that, Alex Gall, Chris Cole. Other parts that stand out of course are John Cardiel and Heath in Sight Un­seen. Fa­vorite shared skate part?

I just found this VHS. I got it right here. De­stroy­ing Amer­ica (’01). Heath Kir­chart and Jeremy Klein. Shared part/shared video.

Best real life duet?

Nancy & Frank Si­na­tra, “Some­thing Stupid” (’67).

Fa­vorite TWS video? In Bloom (’02).

Zack Wallin, frontside fee­ble. Los Gatos, CA. Photo: Wes Tonascia DUETS

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