Mi­ika Adamov on Miles Sil­vas:

Transworld Snowboarding - - VIDEO NO. 30—DUETS -

How was the ex­pe­ri­ence film­ing for this? You started a lit­tle later than Miles?

Yeah, I’ve only been film­ing for about two months or so. It’s been a lit­tle hec­tic. But on the plus side, I be­lieve I al­ready have an en­der so to speak, so that’s one of the only rea­sons I de­cided to take this lit­tle chal­lenge.

Now you just need filler. (Laughs) Yeah.

How would you de­scribe Miles’ ap­proach to film­ing a part?

Miles—he picks out spots and he just goes for them. He could skate any­thing and ev­ery­thing and it all looks com­fort­able and easy for him. He rarely ever doesn’t make his trick. A lot of peo­ple go to a spot, maybe try a trick for a while and then come back for an­other try later. He usu­ally does his tricks like the first ses­sion he’s at the spot. He just han­dles it and makes it all look easy. You guys have been boys for a while cor­rect? Yeah, I pretty much raised him (laughs).

Well, con­grat­u­la­tions. You did a good job. Thanks.

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?

I re­ally liked Ste­fan (Janoski)’s Sub­tleties part. But since we’re on the “duets” topic—the first shared part that comes to mind is Bran­don Biebel and Brian Wen­ning in Sub­tleties.

Skat­ing alone or skat­ing with friends? It’s bet­ter with homies on the ses­sion.

Best real life duet?

“Game I’m Spit­tin” by Dubee aka Su­ga­wolf P and Mac Dre.

Fa­vorite TWS video? Sub­tleties (’04).

Mi­ika Adamov, kick­flip back­side 50-50. Sacra­mento, CA. Photo: Chris Robles DUETS

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