Jake Hayes on Franky Vil­lani:

Transworld Snowboarding - - VIDEO NO. 30—DUETS -

How is this treat­ing you Jake?

It’s been good. It’s been a hard process though, to be hon­est. You want to live up to all the old Transworld videos so there’s an added amount of pres­sure. When you think of Transworld you think of Heath Kir­chart in Sight Un­seen. Not that we’ll ever fill those boots but you kind of at least want to put as much as pos­si­ble into it. Be­cause you know all those guys did. They put their hearts and souls into it.

Does shar­ing it take some pres­sure off? Def­i­nitely. Es­pe­cially shar­ing with Franky. He just skates—all the time, at ev­ery spot, all day. He’s the first one skat­ing the spot and the last one to stop. I’m not re­ally like that so it helps mo­ti­vate me. It makes you want to be pro­duc­tive. He makes it look fun.

Other parts that come to mind when you think of TWS videos?

Heath. Dustin (Dollin) in Sight Un­seen, Evan (Her­nan­dez)’s In Bloom part. There are so many clas­sic parts that have come out through Transworld videos that there are al­most too many to name. For Evan’s part, I was al­ways a fan of Reynold’s voiceover at the be­gin­ning, too. I was al­ways a fan of An­drew and at the time when it came out I was a lit­tle kid like Evan. So see­ing him look so cool and hang­ing out with my fa­vorite skaters was re­ally some­thing that I looked up to.

Best real life duet?

Eminem & Dido “Stan” (’00).

Fa­vorite shared part?

Jerry Hsu and Louie Bar­letta in Sub­ject to Change (03).

Fa­vorite TWS video? Sight Un­seen (’01).

Jake Hayes, back­side 180. Syd­ney, Aus­tralia. Photo: Dave Chami DUETS

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