Green Heat

Trillions - - Table Of Contents - By NAPC CEO, Tim Lon­car­ich

The NAPC takes heat for en­dors­ing the Green Party, but why?

Af­ter I cre­ated some ads for the U.S. and Canadian Green Party and placed them in un­sold ad slots on the NAPC por­tals, I got some neg­a­tive feed­back.

I was told by some to avoid pol­i­tics and that run­ning ads for the Green Party will drive away users. I was told that many con­trac­tors are deeply con­ser­va­tive and are of­fended by the Green Party and what it stands for. Democrats will be up­set be­cause the Green Party may split votes and en­sure a Repub­li­can vic­tory in the pres­i­den­tial elec­tion. These con­cerns are le­git­i­mate, but I be­lieve that there are more press­ing is­sues that jus­ti­fied my choice.

As CEO of the NAPC, I have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to en­sure our com­pany’s suc­cess, but as a hu­man be­ing and an Amer­i­can, I also have a re­spon­si­bil­ity for the im­pact of my choices. And as a fa­ther, I want my sons to live in a world with hope for a bet­ter fu­ture.

Ev­ery day each one of us makes choices that shape our re­al­ity. So, what kind of re­al­ity have we col­lec­tively cre­ated by our pre­vi­ous choices?

Peo­ple who are con­scious and aware re­al­ize that the world in which we live now has a very bleak fu­ture:

‣ We re­ally have cre­ated the most rapid ex­tinc­tion of life in our planet’s his­tory.

‣ Ev­ery ma­jor ecosys­tem is in a state of de­cline.

‣ Over half of our planet’s wildlife is al­ready gone.

‣ Our oceans are dy­ing.

‣ Ev­ery cor­ner of the globe is con­tam­i­nated with toxic chem­i­cals.

‣ Our cli­mate is rapidly chang­ing, and vast parts of Earth may soon be­come too hot or dry to live in.

‣ Ocean lev­els are in­deed ris­ing and will rise faster in the com­ing decades and cre­ate hun­dreds of mil- li­ons of cli­mate refugees with no place to go where they will be wel­come.

‣ Eco­nom­i­cally, the U.S. fed­eral gov­ern­ment is bank­rupt, with a na­tional debt that has spi­raled out of con­trol due to decades of cor­rup­tion and in­com­pe­tence.

‣ The mid­dle class has rapidly been pushed into poverty. Amer­ica is the rich­est na­tion on Earth, yet one in three Amer­i­can chil­dren live in poverty.

‣ Our lib­er­ties have been stolen from us, and many now fear their lo­cal po­lice and fed­eral agents. Amer­i­cans can no longer re­al­is­ti­cally claim to live in a democ­racy. We re­ally do live in an oli­garchy where the only true democ­racy is on a lim­ited lo­cal level.

We are in this sit­u­a­tion be­cause we keep vot­ing for po­lit­i­cal par­ties that are con­trolled by crim­i­nal cor­po­ra­tions and the wealthy peo­ple who own them.

By vot­ing for either a Repub­li­can or Demo­crat, we vote for the fur­ther de­struc­tion of our coun­try and our chil­dren’s fu­ture. So why do Amer­i­cans keep vot­ing for their own demise?

Most Amer­i­cans vote the way they are told to by mass me­dia. Mass me­dia ig­nores third par­ties. So, for most Amer­i­cans third par­ties don’t ex­ist or are per­ceived as some­how un­de­sir­able.

So, what is just so un­de­sir­able about the Green Party?

Is it the well-pay­ing jobs they would cre­ate from a green-en­ergy econ­omy? Green en­ergy does in­deed cre­ate more jobs than dirty en­ergy does and does so with less en­vi­ron­men­tal dam­age. It worked for Ger­many and for many other coun­tries and could cer­tainly work here. Do we re­ally not want good jobs?

Is it the bal­anced bud­get that the Green Party would pro­vide by re­duc­ing the vast sums of our tax dol­lars given to the war in­dus­try and stolen by a cor­rupt gov­ern­ment? Do we re­ally want to ex­pe­ri­ence eco­nomic col­lapse and all that comes with it?

Or could it be the peace and pros­per­ity that would come from shift­ing from a de­struc­tive war econ­omy to one of hu­mane sus­tain­abil­ity?

Could it be the lives and health of our chil­dren who aren’t pushed into a con­flict that was cre­ated by the war in­dus­try it­self?

Or could it be that the Green Party is not loyal to Is­rael and would sup­port Amer­i­can sovereignty and not be in­flu­enced by a for­eign power or con­trolled by spe­cial in­ter­ests?

Are we re­ally of­fended that the Green Party isn’t funded and con­trolled by com­pa­nies like Exxon­mo­bil, Mon­santo and Wall Street?

In re­al­ity, al­most ev­ery Amer­i­can re­ally does want the same things. We want good jobs, to be healthy and to live in a free coun­try in which our chil­dren have a bright fu­ture. We have just been mis­led about how to get these things.

It is true that the Green Party is in­ex­pe­ri­enced, but that could be a good thing when it comes to gov­ern­ment.

It is also true that with­out a new un­cor­rupt Congress, a Green Party pres­i­dency would be lim­ited in what it could do.

Based on our server stats, run­ning ads for the Green Party did not re­sult in a de­crease in users. If some­one does avoid the sites be­cause they are of­fended by one of the ads, then it means that they will also avoid the free busi­ness op­por­tu­ni­ties. Disem­pow­er­ing those who make bad choices for our coun­try could ul­ti­mately be a good thing.

For the record, I be­lieve that all po­lit­i­cal par­ties are ob­so­lete and that it is time that the peo­ple be given the vote. We no longer need to send a rep­re­sen­ta­tive to the Cap­i­tal be­cause we can now all be in the Cap­i­tal through elec­tronic me­dia. We can learn about the is­sues, and many of us can in­deed make sound choices. If we make bad choices, then we will learn from them and make bet­ter choices in the fu­ture. We don’t need some pup­pet politi­cian to choose for us.

I also strongly be­lieve that the pur­pose of gov­ern­ment is to serve the needs of the peo­ple, not rule them. When any gov­ern­ment stops serv­ing and starts rul­ing it is no longer le­git­i­mate and must be re­placed. Our cur­rent fed­eral gov­ern­ment needs to be re­placed by one that we the peo­ple con­trol and we must do this now, be­fore it is too late.

We cer­tainly aren’t go­ing to re­store democ­racy by vot­ing for politi­cians who are con­trolled by the 1%.

The NAPC is a small but sig­nif­i­cant me­dia com­pany. We reached over 1.5 mil­lion dif­fer­ent peo­ple last year and will reach even more this year. As me­dia of the peo­ple, we have an obli­ga­tion to use our voice for the good of the peo­ple. One way we can ben­e­fit the peo­ple is to let them know that when it comes to pol­i­tics, there is a third choice and that it may be a bet­ter choice.

Amer­i­c­as­ and each of the state por­tals be­long to the peo­ple. The NAPC just ad­min­is­ters them so we con­ducted a poll and al­lowed our mem­bers to de­cide.

The re­sults were:

7.5% – con­tinue to run ads for the Green Party only 18.8% – al­low ads for all po­lit­i­cal par­ties 73.7% – ban all po­lit­i­cal ad­ver­tis­ing

Af­ter a month, only 186 mem­bers out of the more than 270,000 users had both­ered to express their opin­ion, so ap­par­ently most visi­tors to the NAPC por­tals just don’t care. Still, the re­sults are clear and the ads have come down for the U.S. por­tals. Only 2 Cana­di­ans voted - 1 wanted the ads to stay up and the other voted to al­low all po­lit­i­cal ads. So we will con­tinue to run the ads on Canadas­

This is a good ex­am­ple of how a few peo­ple make the choices for ev­ery­one else who won’t bother to express their opin­ions.

Imag­ine if the ads had stayed up and more small busi­nesses en­dorsed the Green Party and ed­u­cated their em­ploy­ees about the im­pact of their votes and those em­ploy­ees then had mean­ing­ful dis­cus­sions with their fam­i­lies, friends and so­cial-me­dia con­tacts.

What if Amer­i­cans didn’t keep vot­ing for their own demise?

What if more peo­ple re­al­ized that maybe we don’t need so much gov­ern­ment in the first place and started do­ing things on their own, like we did with the NAPC?

I was born into a world of rapid change and op­ti­mism for the fu­ture and I still be­lieve in the old Amer­i­can Dream.

I dare to work for a bet­ter world for my chil­dren and I hope that you will too.

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