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Wel­come to the first is­sue of Tril­lions mag­a­zine, the of­fi­cial pub­li­ca­tion of the North Amer­ica Pro­cure­ment Coun­cil (NAPC), a Colorado public-ben­e­fit cor­po­ra­tion.

We chose the name “Tril­lions” be­cause it is the tril­lions of dol­lars in North Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment spend­ing and its eco­nomic im­pact that is our fo­cus.

This mas­sive flow of cash is not just an eco­nomic, busi­ness and tax­a­tion is­sue; it is also deeply tied to the dy­nam­ics of gov­er­nance and democ­racy.

Gov­ern­ment spend­ing drives many na­tional economies and many of us spend a vast por­tion of our lives con­tribut­ing to those tril­lions in the form of taxes.

As the U.S. econ­omy has evolved and gov­ern­ment has en­larged, U.S. gov­ern­ment spend­ing has steadily in­creased from 7% of GDP in 1902 to al­most 40% to­day. Canada’s gov­ern­ment al­ready spends about 42% of GDP com­pared to Gu­atemala’s less than 15%.

Do­ing busi­ness with gov­ern­ment agen­cies can be com­pli­cated and some­times risky, but it can also be lu­cra­tive.

The pri­mary mis­sion of the NAPC is to help im­prove gov­ern­ment pro­cure­ment and en­able more com­pa­nies to ben­e­fit from gov­ern­ment spend­ing. One of our goals is to help com­pa­nies iden­tify op­por­tu­ni­ties, navigate the com­plex­ity, man­age the risks and ob­tain gov­ern­ment con­tracts.

The first step to ful­fill­ing our mis­sion was to cre­ate Amer­ica’s and Canada’s first na­tional bid por­tals and por­tals for each U.S. state and then give own­er­ship of those por­tals to the peo­ple.

This re­ally is a big deal. For the first time ever, most all gov­ern­ment. pur­chas­ing in the U.S. and Canada can now be found in one place, for free. In do­ing so, we have given ev­ery busi­ness ready ac­cess to a $2+-tril­lion mar­ket and have made gov­ern­ment spend­ing vastly more trans­par­ent.

Our ac­com­plish­ment is also im­por­tant be­cause it shows that we the peo­ple can do big things on our own.

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