Down­load­ing Free Me­dia With­out Be­ing a Pi­rate

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One does not have to be a pi­rate to en­joy the end­less free me­dia on the In­ter­net. Youtube, Vimeo and other stream­ing video sites of­fer more video than one could watch in many life times. has mil­lions of books, videos and a wide range of au­dio record­ings for the down­load­ing. Lib­rivox of­fers free au­dio ver­sions of books in the pub­lic do­main.

If the plethora of free con­tent is not enough for you then you can get nearly free mass con­tent through Ama­zon, Net­flix and other stream­ing me­dia ser­vices. A low monthly sub­scrip­tion gets you ac­cess to vast amounts of new high qual­ity me­dia.

You can also down­load some le­gal me­dia through Bit­tor­rent file-shar­ing. Bit­tor­rrent is a peer-to-peer file trans­fer pro­to­col for shar­ing large amounts of data over the In­ter­net, in which each part of a file down­loaded by a user is trans­ferred to other users. How­ever, Bit­tor­rent does not of­fer its users anonymity nor se­cu­rity. It is pos­si­ble to ob­tain the IP ad­dresses of all cur­rent and pos­si­bly pre­vi­ous file-shar­ers. There are sites that pub­lish this in­for­ma­tion and many peo­ple mon­i­tor­ing just who is down­load­ing what when.

To down­load a file through the the Bit­tor­rent pro­to­col you need a client pro­gram. The client soft­ware con­nects you to other peers and man­ages the down­load­ing and up­load­ing. One of the best and most se­cure clients is Trans­mis­sion, avail­able for Mac and Linux. A spe­cial ver­sion is avail­able for Win­dows users, but if you are us­ing Bit­tor­rent you prob­a­bly shouldn't be us­ing Win­dows in the first place.

Trans­mis­sion is an open source, vol­un­teer-based project. Un­like some Bit­tor­rent clients, Trans­mis­sion doesn't play games with its users to make money.

The next step is to find a tor­rent file and this is where sites like Thep­i­rate­bay come in. Be aware that most such sites are heav­ily loaded with in­tru­sive ads, al­most to the point of be­ing un­us­able by all but the most ded­i­cated down­load­ers.

If you choose to down­load copy­righted con­tent you should only do so through a Vir­tual Pri­vate Net­work (VPN) that does not main­tain logs. Keep in mind that many VPNS are ei­ther op­er­ated by law en­force­ment or in­tel­li­gence agen­cies or do share in­for­ma­tion in real-time with them.

It is safest to as­sume that all of your on­line ac­tiv­ity is mon­i­tored by some­one some­where. You should not en­gage in risky be­hav­iour on­line or re­veal per­sonal de­tails about your­self or your fam­ily mem­bers that could be used against you.

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