NAPC Mem­bers Land $100 Bil­lion in Con­tracts in 2016!

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Be­ing a member of the North Amer­ica Pro­cure­ment Coun­cil (NAPC) can pro­vide huge ben­e­fits. With more than 710,000 busi­ness op­por­tu­ni­ties posted in 2016 with a com­bined value of more than $2 tril­lion, there were plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties for a wide range of com­pa­nies.

Based on our data, we es­ti­mate that over 43,000 dif­fer­ent con­tracts were awarded to NAPC mem­bers. The high­est value sin­gle con­tract we are aware of so far was for $4.3 bil­lion.

We don't know the pre­cise num­bers yet be­cause we don't have the bid tab­u­la­tions on all of the op­por­tu­ni­ties that bid in 2016, but we do have enough data to make a rea­son­ably ac­cu­rate es­ti­mate.

The NAPC cre­ated and ad­min­is­ters the first and only state and na­tional G2B and B2B por­tals and gave own­er­ship of them to the peo­ple. The por­tals fea­ture the pro­cure­ment so­lic­i­ta­tions (ten­ders and re­quest for bids, pro­pos­als, qual­i­fi­ca­tions, etc.) of most ev­ery gov­ern­ment agency in the United States and Canada plus busi­ness news and clas­si­fied ads. All are pro­vided at no cost to users.

Our ef­forts are not just im­por­tant be­cause of the rev­enue to suc­cess­ful bid­ders but also be­cause making gov­ern­ment pro­cure­ment so­lic­i­ta­tions more widely avail­able makes gov­ern­ment spend­ing more trans­par­ent, re­duces cor­rup­tion and low­ers costs to tax­pay­ers from greater com­pe­ti­tion and higher qual­ity goods and ser­vices. The money saved can be spent where it is needed most, or re­sult in lower taxes and put more money into the real econ­omy.

We es­ti­mate that if gov­ern­ment spend­ing was made more ef­fi­cient, at least 25% of the $2 tril­lion could be saved ev­ery year.

Imag­ine the im­pact of put­ting $500 bil­lion back into the U.S. econ­omy ev­ery year.

The NAPC makes it pos­si­ble to shine the spotlight of pub­lic scru­tiny onto gov­ern­ment spend­ing and re­duce cor­rup­tion and in­ef­fi­cien­cies. But we need your help. Our par­ent com­pany, Bid Ocean, has been foot­ing most of the bill up to this point but the NAPC has to be able to stand on its own in or­der to keep the por­tals go­ing.

Get­ting the Most From the NAPC

Each busi­ness day, the NAPC pub­lishes thou­sands of busi­ness op­por­tu­ni­ties through 115 por­tals. One can mon­i­tor their state por­tal or one of the mar­ket spe­cific por­tals each day, but the best way to get rel­e­vant op­por­tu­ni­ties is to be­come a pay­ing member, at a price as low as only $8.95 per month, and re­ceive a daily fil­tered email con­tain­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties for your ge­og­ra­phy and in­dus­try.

Once a rel­e­vant op­por­tu­nity has been iden­ti­fied that your com­pany wants to pur­sue, the next step is to ob­tain the doc­u­ments that de­tail the re­quire­ments.

For fed­eral con­tracts you will need to reg­is­ter at in the Sys­tem for Award Man­age­ment (SAM), if you are not al­ready reg­is­tered. SAM re­placed CCR/FEDREG, ORCA, and EPLS sys­tems.

Most, but not all, of the op­por­tu­ni­ties pub­lished by the NAPC are gov­ern­ment con­tracts and re­quire li­a­bil­ity in­sur­ance. Most, but not all, of the con­tracts for construction re­quire bond­ing for prime con­trac­tors. If you are not able to pro­vide bond­ing for construction projects you can par­tic­i­pate as a sub-con­trac­tor on many projects.

Some of the bid doc­u­ments, re­quests for pro­posal and other doc­u­ments re­lated to an op­por­tu­nity are avail­able on­line from the NAPC or a linked web site but some must be pur­chased from the owner (buyer), de­signer or their des­ig­nated source.

Once you have the doc­u­ments, read them very care­fully to un­der­stand the re­quire­ments to pre­pare an ap­pro­pri­ate re­sponse.

Be sure that you at­tend any pre-bid or pre-pro­posal meet­ings, even if not manda­tory.

If you haven't bid on a gov­ern­ment con­tract be­fore you should re­view sim­i­lar bids. A pre­mium NAPC sub­scrip­tion will en­able you to ac­cess and eas­ily search our data­base of cur­rent and pre­vi­ous so­lic­i­ta­tions and iden­tify your po­ten­tial com­peti­tors. You should try to get a good idea of what your com­peti­tors are do­ing and where your pric­ing will need to be to ob­tain a con­tract.

Some bids may need to be submitted on­line, but most agen­cies still re­quired a printed bid submitted in per-

son, by mail or courier. You may not want to trust the postal sys­tem to de­liver your bid be­fore the dead­line and should plan on spend­ing the money for a courier ser­vice if you can't de­liver it in per­son.

Re­mem­ber that once you sub­mit a bid it legally ob­li­gates you to pro­vide the prod­ucts or ser­vices as spec­i­fied at the price you quote. If you make a mis­take in your cal­cu­la­tions and can prove it, some­times you can with­draw an un­rea­son­ably low bid, but not al­ways.

For many op­por­tu­ni­ties you will have to demon­strate that your com­pany meets min­i­mum qual­i­fi­ca­tions for ex­pe­ri­ence or ca­pa­bil­ity. In some cases you may have to pre-qual­ify be­fore you can bid.

Do­ing busi­ness with gov­ern­ment agen­cies can be lu­cra­tive but can also be more risky and costly. There are usu­ally ex­tra re­quire­ments that you would not have in a pri­vate con­tract.

If you don't want to do busi­ness with gov­ern­ment agen­cies and in­stead want to func­tion as a sub-con­trac­tor or sup­plier to the com­pa­nies that do con­tract with gov­ern­ment agen­cies then the NAPC can still help you.

For as lit­tle as $49.95 per month you can be­come a Plat­inum member of the NAPC and en­joy our full-fea­tured ser­vice that in­cludes ac­cess to plan-holder lists, bid tab­u­la­tions and our in­te­grated Busi­ness Builder Con­tact Man­ager which makes it easy to har­vest rel­e­vant con­tacts from our net­work, man­age the con­tacts and ex­port them if needed. For a mod­est ex­tra fee the Busi­ness Builder can also be pre­loaded with data.

For ex­am­ple, if you are look­ing for prime con­trac­tors who are likely to need your prod­ucts or ser­vices on a reg­u­lar ba­sis we can load them into your Busi­ness Builder for you and then you have ready ac­cess to your po­ten­tial cus­tomers. You can see what projects each com­pany has bid on and view key de­ci­sion mak­ers. You can also re­ceive an alert when a com­pany ap­pears on a rel­e­vant plan-holder list or is the ap­par­ent low bid­der.

By us­ing the NAPC Net­work to track the cash flow­ing into your in­dus­try, and the com­pa­nies that will need what you can pro­vide, you will greatly in­crease the suc­cess of your mar­ket­ing and sales ef­forts.

The NAPC helps a wide range of com­pa­nies in all types of in­dus­tries ac­cess the $2 tril­lion in an­nual gov­ern­ment con­tract­ing ei­ther di­rectly as gov­ern­ment con­trac­tors, as sub-con­trac­tors or sup­pli­ers to prime-con­trac­tors.

Let us know how we can help you.

Fol­low­ing are a few of the gov­ern­ment con­tracts where a reg­is­tered member of the NAPC was the low bid­der or awarded a con­tract in 2016:

New York - Flush­ing Bay Dredg­ing

Cash­man Dredg­ing & Marine Con­tract­ing $34,720,000.00

Ge­or­gia - Fire De­part­ment Pumper Ap­pa­ra­tus

Rosen­bauer $253,509.00

Colorado - Granby Dam Spill­way Re­pair 2016

Har­ri­son Western Construction $86,450.00

Wash­ing­ton - Avista Sta­dium New Plas­tic Seat­ing

Wesslen Construction $9,261.24

Illi­nois - Wool­ley Road Pedes­trian Sig­nals

Traf­fic Con­trol Cor­po­ra­tion $17,426.00

Ohio - Scan­ning Project

Ima­genet Con­sult­ing $72,000.00

Mas­sachusetts - Mod­ern­iza­tion of Hy­draulic El­e­va­tor

Buck­ley El­e­va­tor $45,999.00

Florida - Steel Deck Barge

Metal Trades $2,042,174.00

Penn­syl­va­nia - Re­frig­er­a­tors and Ranges

Whirlpool Cor­po­ra­tion $59,095.00

New Jer­sey - Rental of Tem­po­rary Chiller and Gen­er­a­tor

Car­rier Rental Sys­tems $225,000.00

Arkansas - New Chain Link Fence and Gates

Bills Fence Co $8,456.96

Kansas - Res­i­den­tial As­bestos Abate­ment

ACM Re­moval - Kansas $1,180.00

Ore­gon - Ver­ti­cal Flow Wet­land Sys­tem

Ta­pani, Inc. $6,561,045.00

New York - Re­de­vel­op­ment of Greenville Yard - Phase I Port Author­ity Marine Ter­mi­nal

Union Paving & Construction Co., Inc. $47,681,062.00

Cal­i­for­nia - San Joaquin Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal Phase 2 Acute Care Pa­tient Wing Ex­pan­sion Project

Otto Construction $22,012,000.00

Cal­i­for­nia - New Well No. 239, Well No. 231 Re­place­ment

Layne Chris­tensen $1,840,807.91

Ari­zona - El­liot Road Wa­ter­line

Kinkaid Civil Construction $8,711,698.00

Vir­ginia - Con­ces­sion Build­ing and Ball Fields

TMG Construction Cor­po­ra­tion $4,344,469.00

Louisiana - North Waste­water Treat­ment Plant Sus­tain­abil­ity Project

Whar­ton-smith $6,657,000

Wash­ing­ton - Van­cou­ver Water­front Park

Ta­pani, Inc. $9,984,781.00

Mary­land - Clean­ing and Paint­ing of Ex­ist­ing Bridges

Mano­lis Paint­ing Inc. $1,310,000.00

Ok­la­homa - Ag­gre­gate Stone Prod­ucts

Green Dream In­ter­na­tional $2,937,250.00

Alaska - Portage Cove Har­bor Ex­pan­sion

Pa­cific Pile & Marine $12,053,299.00

Florida - Air Traf­fic Con­trol Tower Fiber Op­tic Trans­mis­sion Sys­tem

J.ranck Elec­tric $1,160,898.50

Ohio - Nip­pert Sta­dium - Lower Bowl Re­con­fig­u­ra­tion

Sune­sis Construction $1,995,440.00

Michi­gan - Video Man­age­ment and Perime­ter Sur­veil­lance En­hance­ments

Am­comm Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions $1,860,000.00

New York - Re­ha­bil­i­tate El­e­va­tors

Otis El­e­va­tor $1,990,579.00

New Mexico - Re­ha­bil­i­tate El­e­va­tors

Kimo Con­struc­tors, Inc. $1,123,152.30

Ore­gon - Newport Fire Sta­tion Seis­mic Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion

Bald­win Gen­eral Con­tract­ing $1,582,155.00

Min­nesota - Twin Lakes Re­gional Trail - East Seg­ment

Veit & Com­pany, Inc. $1,443,295.30

Mis­souri - Tay­lor Health and Well­ness Cen­ter

K&S As­so­ciates, Inc. $9,387,000.00

Iowa - Clear Creek Flood­wall Phase 2

Peter­son Con­trac­tors, Inc. $4,472,484.26

On­tario - Sup­ply and De­liv­ery of Back­hoe Load­ers

Toromont Pump Sys­tems $387,445.00

New Brunswick - Water Main Clean­ing & Lin­ing - Phase 12

Trenchless Solutions $1,260,577.15

Bri­tish Columbia - Above­ground Fuel Stor­age Tank & Pumps

Re­gal Tanks $135,181.00

DOD Health­care Man­age­ment Sys­tems Mod­ern­iza­tion

Lei­dos, Inc. $4,336,822,777.00

Mis­sis­sippi - Re­con­struc­tion of Ap­prox. 8 Miles of I-55

James Construction Group $89,906,793.52

Texas - Construction of Tom­ball Toll­way, Phase II and SH 249 Frontage Roads

Webber, LLC $99,309,392.57

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