How Govt. Cor­rup­tion Kills Peo­ple & De­stroys the Planet

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Newly un­buried doc­u­ments show that the U.S. EPA con­spired with Mon­santo to lie about the hor­rific health and en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pacts of the her­bi­cide Roundup.

While farmers and chil­dren ex­posed to Mon­santo’s Roundup her­bi­cide were dy­ing from non-hodgkins lym­phoma, a high-level EPA of­fi­cial was col­lud­ing with Mon­santo be­hind the scenes to bury the truth.

And he ac­tu­ally bragged about it.

The newly un­sealed court doc­u­ments re­veal that for­mer EPA of­fi­cial Jess Rowland let Mon­santo ghost­writ­ers write the fraud­u­lent EPA tox­i­col­ogy re­ports that would form the ba­sis for a gov­ern­ment in­ves­ti­ga­tion into whether or not Roundup causes can­cer.

“If I can kill this I should get a medal,” Rowland re­port­edly told a Mon­santo ex­ec­u­tive, who re­layed the com­ment in an email.

Per­haps Rowland was just stupid and didn't un­der­stand that Roundup kills peo­ple or maybe he just didn't care or ac­tu­ally wants to kill peo­ple.

More than 700 Roundup can­cer claims have now been filed in state and fed­eral courts on be­half of vic­tims that in­clude farm work­ers and chil­dren who have non-hodgkins lym­phoma, or who have al­ready died from the dis­ease, be­cause they were ex­posed to Roundup.

Yet, that is the tip of the ice­berg.

Roundup con­tains a chem­i­cal called glyphosate which was known by Mon­santo to cause se­ri­ous health prob­lems in peo­ple and en­vi­ron­men­tal dam­age.

Glyphosate does not break down in the soil as claimed but per­sists in the en­vi­ron­ment like Mon­santo's other toxic chem­i­cals such as DDT, PCBS and Dioxin.

Glyphosate is a sin­is­ter bio-weapon that does not just kill plants and dam­age hu­man DNA and cause can­cer but it dis­rupts the hu­man gut bac­te­ria (mi­cro­biome), which leads to a wide range of other ail­ments.

Ac­cord­ing to a sci­en­tific study pub­lished in the jour­nal En­tropy, glyphosate "en­hance[s] the dam­ag­ing ef­fects of other food-borne chem­i­cal residues and tox­ins in the en­vi­ron­ment to dis­rupt nor­mal body func­tions and in­duce dis­ease."

The chem­i­cal dis­rupts the cy­tochrome P450 (CYP) en­zymes, a large and di­verse group of en­zymes that cat­alyze the ox­i­da­tion of or­ganic sub­stances and are es­sen­tial to a healthy mi­cro­biome and de­tox­i­fi­ca­tion.

One of the func­tions of CYP en­zymes is to detox­ify xeno­bi­otics, which are chem­i­cal com­pounds found in a liv­ing or­gan­ism that are not nor­mally pro­duced or con­sumed by the or­gan­ism. By pre­vent­ing these en­zymes from detox­i­fy­ing for­eign chem­i­cal com­pounds, glyphosate am­pli­fies the dam­ag­ing ef­fects of the many chem­i­cals and en­vi­ron­men­tal tox­ins we are ex­posed to.

Es­sen­tially, glyphosate turns a per­son's body into a dis­ease fac­tory by rad­i­cally al­ter­ing the mi­cro­biome. It dis­ables the body's abil­ity to rid it­self of tox­ins, tar­gets ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria and causes ge­netic mu­ta­tions in the mi­crobes in the in­testines.

It does the same thing in the soil. It causes a buildup of tox­ins, in­hibits the func­tion of healthy mi­crobes and causes ge­netic mu­ta­tions that re­sult in new pathogens that then spread across the planet killing off wildlife and mak­ing peo­ple sick.

The col­lapse of bee and bat pop­u­la­tions can be linked back to glyphosate.

In hu­mans, glyphosate has been linked to leaky gut syn­drome, autism, ADHD, obe­sity, Parkin­sons dis­ease, can­cer of the thy­roid, liver, blad­der, pan­creas, and kid­neys and many other se­ri­ous ail­ments.

The bio-weapon glyphosate must be banned im­me­di­ately and has al­ready been banned in many coun­tries. How­ever, in cor­rupt coun­tries like Canada and the U.S. its us­age is ac­tu­ally in­creas­ing dra­mat­i­cally and Trump is tak­ing steps to re­duce the al­ready weak reg­u­la­tions and ex­empt Mon­santo from law­suits for dam­age from glyphosate. It is al­ready im­pos­si­ble to sue for dam­age from toxic GMOS.

You can push back by de­mand­ing that stores stop sell­ing the dan­ger­ous chem­i­cal and that gov­ern­ment agen­cies stop spray­ing it. If you see some­one spray­ing Roundup, re­mem­ber that they are poi­son­ing you and your fam­ily.

We can choose to stop eat­ing food con­tain­ing glyphosate and switch to health­ier or­gan­i­cally grown food and eat lower on the food chain.

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