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Wel­come to an­other is­sue of Tril­lions magazine.

The world is chang­ing fast and since our last is­sue a lot has hap­pened in North Amer­ica and other coun­tries. Most of the events are not pos­i­tive and some are pretty scary if one re­ally thinks about them.

It is easy to be­come over­whelmed with all the neg­a­tive de­vel­op­ments. But it is only by know­ing about the prob­lems and un­der­stand­ing them that we can have any hope of fix­ing them.

Many peo­ple around the world are in­deed fix­ing their prob­lems and we can learn from them and gain hope for our own cir­cum­stances.

Some of the ar­ti­cles in this is­sue will be chal­leng­ing from some read­ers be­cause the in­for­ma­tion pre­sented con­tra­dicts widely held be­liefs. If an ar­ti­cle of­fends or rubs you the wrong way then please let me know but also ask your­self why it both­ers you.

Our cover photo is of Ar­ling­ton Na­tional Ceme­tery to honor of Amer­ica's war dead but also to re­mind the rest of us that in most cases, they didn't have to die. The best way to honor the war dead is to en­sure that there aren't any more of them, and for that we have to ex­pose and stop those who cre­ate and sus­tain wars for profit and stop sup­port­ing war.

While some wars are nec­es­sary and can't be avoided, the best way to sup­port our troops is to keep them safe by not cre­at­ing con­flict. At present, the U.S. and Canada are sup­port­ing war by em­pow­er­ing an en­emy that threat­ens the en­tire planet. This is wrong and needs to stop now or there will be a very heavy price for us to pay.

We at Tril­lions seek the truth so that we can help build a bet­ter world. Some­times we get it wrong but we al­ways en­deavor to find and utilize the most ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion.

Do you seek the truth? Do you want to help build a bet­ter world? If so, then please join us.

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