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Wel­come to the July-au­gust Trillions. This is­sue is a dou­ble is­sue since we will be busy mov­ing and re­design­ing the en­tire NAPC news sys­tem and Trillions mag­a­zine over the next cou­ple of months.

For those will­ing to open their eyes, look around and ob­serve, it is ap­par­ent that we live in an in­creas­ingly toxic and dan­ger­ous world with a shrink­ing hope for the fu­ture. But, that doesn't mean that we have to let it get to us.

We can choose to do some­thing to make a dif­fer­ence and feel good about our ef­forts. We can choose to im­prove our­selves and be happy about the progress we make.

We can choose to ex­pe­ri­ence beauty, joy, love and the sat­is­fac­tion that comes from do­ing some­thing well. By do­ing so we will res­onate more with what we want in­stead of what we don't want.

We know from quan­tum physics and sim­ple ob­ser­va­tion that our thoughts have real power and that if we fo­cus on pos­i­tive thoughts we can cre­ate a more pos­i­tive re­al­ity. But, that is not enough.

We also have to get in­volved in the world around us and make sound choices and help others do the same.

We have to stand up for what is right and chal­lenge what is wrong.

We have to stop be­ing stupid and de­struc­tive if we don't want to go the way of the di­nosaurs.

En­joy the sum­mer!

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