Trump Sells Qatar $12 Bil­lion in Fighter Jets to Fuel Re­li­gious War

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Just days after call­ing Qatar a high-level ex­porter of ter­ror­ism and saying that he was go­ing to take a harder line, Trump em­pow­ered Qatar with a mas­sive weapons sale. Ap­par­ently, tak­ing a harder line to Trump meant re­ward­ing Qatar with ad­vanced weapons so that it can de­fend it­self against the $110 bil­lion in ad­vanced Amer­i­can weapons Trump re­cently sold to Saudi Ara­bia, which is now threat­en­ing war on Qatar if it doesn't sub­mit to Saudi rule.

The Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion said that the 39 F-15 fighter jets would in­crease “se­cu­rity co­op­er­a­tion” be­tween the United States and Qatar.

As a close ally to the United States, Qatar is in­deed a ma­jor spon­sor of Is­lamic ter­ror­ism. It is also home to a ma­jor U.S. air base staffed by ap­prox­i­mately 10,000 Amer­i­cans.

How­ever, Qatar’s sup­port of ter­ror­ism pales in com­par­i­son to Saudi Ara­bia, an­other close Amer­i­can ally which is also re­ceiv­ing mas­sive arms ship­ments from Trump and re­ceives very close se­cu­rity co­op­er­a­tion with the United States. This se­cu­rity co­op­er­a­tion in­cludes the U.S. help­ing Saudi Ara­bia carry out a geno­ci­dal war against the people of Ye­men be­cause some of them had dared to re­sist the re­li­gious dom­i­na­tion of Saudi Ara­bia.

The se­cu­rity co­op­er­a­tion also in­cludes sup­port­ing Is­lamic State, at­tack­ing Syria, wag­ing a stealth war against Iran and the U.S. help­ing the bru­tal Saudi dic­ta­tor­ship crush dis­sent and those who seek a lit­tle democ­racy and free­dom.

The United States is de­lib­er­ately fu­el­ing con­flict in the mid­dle east not just for war prof­its but to fo­ment an ever greater Is­lamic re­li­gious war be­tween Saudi backed Salafist Sunni and Shia Mus­lims.

Qatar and Saudi Ara­bia are be­ing armed by the United States at the be­hest of Is­rael and pow­er­ful Amer­i­can Jews who want to fo­ment war be­tween the Sunni and Shia Is­lamic sects and ig­nite World War III to usher in end times and make Ju­daism the world’s dom­i­nant re­li­gion. Many Mus­lims and even some Chris­tians have the same apoc­a­lyp­tic per­spec­tive of a great war to bring about the re­turn of their Gods.

Trump's and Vladimir Putin’s han­dlers are the Chabad, an im­mensely pow­er­ful Jewish re­li­gious sect that be­lieves that the world is now in the proph­e­sied mes­sianic end times and that Don­ald Trump is their her­ald.

As cov­ered in the June is­sue of Trillions, Trump's main ad­vi­sor and the ar­chi­tect of the Saudi weapons deal is Jared Kush­ner, a de­vout Chabad sup­porter whose fam­ily spent $1.8 bil­lion to pur­chase an of­fice build­ing lo­cated at 666 Fifth Av­enue in Man­hat­tan. The num­ber 666 is a sa­cred num­ber to the Chabad and has mes­sianic sig­nif­i­cance. The build­ing pre­vi­ously sold for $518 mil­lion.

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