Trump Starts Tak­ing Land for Un-funded Bor­der Wall

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Even though Con­gress has not yet funded Trump's bor­der wall, his ad­min­is­tra­tion has al­ready started giv­ing no­tice to landown­ers in south­west Texas that the fed­eral govern­ment is buy­ing their land whether they like it or not.

While the Jus­tice Depart­ment de­nies the no­tice is a step to­wards con­struc­tion of more bor­der fenc­ing, govern­ment lawyers re­cently pub­lished a 16-page no­tice in the Brownsville Her­ald that listed the names of ap­prox. 100 landown­ers with a no­tice that they have sev­eral weeks to con­test the amount the govern­ment is of­fer­ing for their land.

The area al­ready has 100 miles of bor­der fenc­ing that was built un­der the Se­cure Fence Act in 2006. To build the fence, the govern­ment seized land through em­i­nent do­main.

Some land own­ers sold their land be­fore con­struc­tion started but in other cases the govern­ment built the fence be­fore even start­ing ne­go­ti­a­tions with landown­ers.

While the U.S. should cer­tainly se­cure its bor­ders, a bor­der wall is not re­ally needed at this point and won't re­ally keep out il­le­gal mi­grants, drugs or other smug­gled goods.

A vast por­tion il­le­gal mi­grants come by plane, through ship­ping ports or the north­ern bor­der with Canada, while the num­ber of Mex­i­cans in the U.S. il­le­gally has been drop­ping steadily for the last few years.

How­ever, cli­mate change and global warm­ing will in­crease mi­gra­tion as tem­per­a­tures climb too high in Cen­tral Amer­ica and Mex­ico and people try to make their way North to cooler tem­per­a­tures.

Cli­mate mi­gra­tion is al­ready a se­vere and grow­ing prob­lem for Europe and parts of Asia.

One way to re­duce il­le­gal mi­gra­tion now would be for the U.S. to stop fu­el­ing the drug trade, which has killed more than 200,000 people in Mex­ico and made parts of Cen­tral Amer­ica un­in­hab­it­able.

Amer­ica's bo­gus war on drugs has had no im­pact ex­cept to en­rich se­lect oli­garchs and has cost Amer­i­can tax­pay­ers an es­ti­mated $1 tril­lion so far. Mil­lions of Amer­i­cans have been im­pris­oned who might have oth­er­wise led pro­duc­tive tax­pay­ing lives.

The only sane so­lu­tion to the drug prob­lem is de­crim­i­nal­iza­tion. Then a wall won't be needed.

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