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Our 25 Best New Prod­uct Picks From SEMA 2017


Our 25 best new prod­uct picks from SEMA 2017

What be­gan as a meet and greet in the base­ment of Dodger Sta­dium has turned into one of the largest trade shows in the world. No mat­ter what you do, if you do it for the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try, you at least as­pire to at­tend the event hosted by the Spe­cialty Equip­ment Mar­ket As­so­ci­a­tion in Las Ve­gas.

Yeah, it’s kind of known as a week­long party, but the event stands out as the place to show off. And part of show­ing off in­cludes in­tro­duc­ing new prod­ucts. Many things you see in this mag­a­zine de­buted at the SEMA Show. And a crew of four of us get to take pho­tos of them.

That kind of ac­cess gives us a front-row seat to what’s new in the in­dus­try. And that’s good news for you, as we pho­tographed nearly 3,000 new prod­ucts. Here’s the best of what we saw this year.

Who: Banks Power

What: ’13-to-’17 Ram 2500/3500 grid-heater delete Why: This delete kit elim­i­nates the in­take grid heater to im­prove throt­tle re­sponse, spool-up, EGT, and, in high­out­put lev­els, power. Part 42714 makes it easy to re­in­stall the grid heater when nec­es­sary. Where: 800.GET.POWER,

Who: T Mark Tools

What: Light­weight, non-mark­ing tools

Why: T Mark makes socket and wrench sets from a ther­moset com­pos­ite that’s half the weight of an equiv­a­lent metal tool yet ev­ery bit as strong. Be­cause the tools in part num­ber CBW7SSM37512 aren’t metal, they won’t rust, mag­ne­tize, or mark chrome or soft-al­loy fas­ten­ers.

Where: 407.416.9412, tmark­

Who: Ad­vanced Ac­ces­sory Con­cepts

What: Wire­less wiring harness

Why: The Trig­ger-se­ries Six Shooter mounts close to the de­vices it con­trols to min­i­mize wire length. It also com­mu­ni­cates with its switches by ra­dio fre­quency, elim­i­nat­ing many wires al­to­gether.

The tun­ing app lets users de­fine each cir­cuit’s func­tion (con­stant on, dim, and flash) for con­trol of nearly any­thing in a ve­hi­cle—turn sig­nals in­cluded. Where: 951.339.1460, trig­ger­con­

Who: King Shocks

What: ’17 Rap­tor 3-inch IBP coilovers

Why: Part num­bers 30001-403 and -404 give the ’17 Rap­tor a shock with a 3-inch piston di­am­e­ter, pre­cisely tun­able ve­loc­ity- and po­si­tion-sen­si­tive damp­ing qual­i­ties, and a hy­draulic bump­stop.

Where: 714.530.8701, king­

Who: Clas­sic In­stru­ments

What: Elec­tric EGT gauges

Why: Part num­ber VS198WBLF of­fers a pre­cise way to mea­sure ex­haust gas tem­per­a­ture. It has a rugged air-core move­ment, an in­te­grated red warn­ing light that il­lu­mi­nates the en­tire gauge, and an ana­log .5-4.5VDC data-log­ging out­put. The gauge fea­tures a full-sweep dis­play, pro­gram­mable LED light­ing, and a stain­less probe and bung. Where: 800.575.0461, clas­sicin­stru­

Who: Auto Me­ter

What: Low-speed tachome­ters

Why: Auto Me­ter de­signed its lat­est low-speed tachome­ters with the same technology that makes its nor­mal-range gauges. The patented air-core move­ment, wound in-house to ex­act­ing stan­dards, can move the nee­dle from 0 to 6,000 rpm in 333 mil­lisec­onds.

Where: 866.248.6356, au­tome­

Who: GC Cool­ing

What: Vari­able-speed fan and con­troller Why: Smart Fan has an in­te­grated fan con­troller that ac­ti­vates the fan at half speed at 150 de­grees and works up to full speed at 200. Part num­ber GC-9100016 also soft-starts for re­duced elec­tri­cal load and re­quires no pro­gram­ming.

Where: 515.645.5908, gc­cool­

Who: sPod

What: Blue­tooth-con­trolled power-dis­tri­bu­tion sys­tem Why: These ex­pand­able power-dis­tri­bu­tion cir­cuits use ra­dio sig­nals—not wires—to ac­ti­vate cir­cuits. Eight cir­cuits in part num­ber BAN8-800-HD and BAN8-700TS can be pro­grammed for dim­ing, strob­ing, flash­ing, mo­men­tary ac­tu­a­tion, and even switch-link­ing. Each of those eight cir­cuits can han­dle 30 amps and is pro­tected from over-cur­rent, over­heat­ing, short­ing, re­verse-po­lar­ity, and field col­lapse.

Where: 661.775.7799,

Who: Clas­sic In­stru­ments

What: ’73-to-’87 C/K di­rect-fit in­stru­ment clus­ter

Why: Con­tem­po­rary high-per­for­mance gauges for ’73-to-’87 Gen­eral Mo­tors C- and K-se­ries pick­ups, Subur­bans, and Blaz­ers. For ease of in­stal­la­tion, part num­ber CT73OE in­cludes a sin­gle-con­nec­tion wire harness, re­place­ment lens, and all nec­es­sary send­ing units.

Where: 800.575.0461, clas­sicin­stru­

Who: Dy­na­trac

What: ’15-and-up Su­per Duty free­wheel hub con­ver­sion Why: Free-Spin does more than equip ’15-and-later Ford Su­per Duty trucks with lock­ing hubs; it also re­places the trou­ble­some fac­tory unit-bear­ing de­sign with fixed spin­dles and equips the axle ends with stronger 1550-se­ries U-joints.

Where: 714.596.4461, dy­na­

Who: Sch­ley Prod­ucts

What: DEF tube re­lease forks

Why: These tools de­press the locks that re­tain the DEF lines in Ford and Dodge trucks equipped with diesel ex­haust fluid sys­tems. The three forks in kit 15200 fit most DEF fill and breather lines.

Where: 714.693.7666, sp­

Who: Eibach

What: ’09-to-’17 Ram 1500 lift springs Why: Eibach makes spacer-free lift springs for 1/2-ton ’09-to-’17 Ram pick­ups. The com­pany makes part num­ber E80-27-00105-22 to work seam­lessly with its heavy­duty Pro-Truck Per­for­mance shocks. Where: 951.256.8300,

Who: Sin­is­ter Diesel

What: Power Stroke 250-amp High Out­put Al­ter­na­tor Why: It’s a 250-amp al­ter­na­tor and reg­u­la­tor that pro­duces more cur­rent than stock. Part num­ber SD-ALT-6.0-250 has high temp bear­ings, an up­graded sta­tor, and an an­odized bil­let cover. It fits di­rectly with­out any mod­i­fi­ca­tions and in­cludes a 1-year war­ranty.

Where: 844.550.5707, sin­is­ter­

Who: Amer­i­can Force Wheels

What: Su­per Du­ally wheel

Why: Amer­i­can Force ma­chines the Tac­ti­cal Se­ries cen­ters from forg­ings and bolts them to rims from 22 to 26 inches in di­am­e­ter and 10 to 16 inches wide. Where: 786.345.6301, amer­i­can­force­

Who: Car­richs Ac­ces­sories, LLC

What: In-dash tablet-mount

Why: Car­richs makes kits that mount the Ap­ple iPad Mini over the fac­tory ra­dio of sev­eral ve­hi­cles. Part num­ber TDK685 mounts them to ’13-to-’17 Ram ap­pli­ca­tions. The patent­pend­ing NeoMag Technology makes the mount grip the dash and pad tightly.

Where: 562.602.5588, car­

Who: Spy­der Auto

What: ’15-to-’17 F-150 HID head­light with DRL Why: These pro­jec­tor beams for the ’15-to-’17 Ford F-150 are pro­duced by an ISO-certi­fied OEM sup­plier. Part num­ber ALT-YD-FF15015-LED-DRLBLK di­rectly re­places fac­tory head­lights. Where: 626.934.8884, spy­der­

Who: McGaughy’s Sus­pen­sion

What: 10-inch lift for ’14-to-’18 Ram 2500/3500

Why: Kit 54400 lifts the ’14-to-’18 Ram a whop­ping 10 inches. It in­cludes boxed, long-arm links with bil­let face­plates. The kit in­cludes ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing braided brake lines, but no dampers. Where: 559.226.8196, mc­

Who: Baja De­signs

What: 30-inch LED tail­light

Why: The RTL-S is a 30-inch-long hous­ing that has red run­ning and brake lights, am­ber turn sig­nals, and a white work/ cargo light. The pro­pri­etary Mois­tureBlock Technology in part num­ber 103004 pro­tects the LEDs from the el­e­ments. Where: 800.422.5292, ba­jade­

Who: US Speedo

What: ’15-to-’18 F-150 stain­less gauge face Why: Stain­less-steel gauge face for the ’15-to-’17 F-150 with the 8-inch cen­ter­in­for­ma­tion screen. Brushed fin­ish and back­lit in red, white, or blue.

Where: 810.244.0909,

Who: Slam Spe­cial­ties

What: Two-way 1/4-inch valve man­i­fold

Why: Two-spring/four-valve air man­i­folds. Part SV-4C-4 has 10.5-watt coils with fly­ing leads, stain­less-steel op­er­a­tors, two 1/4-inch NPT tank ports, two 1/4-inch NPT ex­haust ports, two 1/4inch NPT air-spring ports, and two 1/8-inch NPT ports for gauges. The an­odized man­i­fold han­dles 150 psi and in­cludes all mounting hard­ware. Where: 888.352.5225, slam­spe­cial­

Who: Hillco Fas­tener

What: Blind-hole sheet­metal nut Why: The Twis­ter Fas­tener makes it pos­si­ble to at­tach any­thing to sheet­metal with­out weld­ing or spe­cialty tools. The blind-hole nut twists eas­ily into place, cre­at­ing a se­cur­ing point for lights, fender flares, and more.

Where: 714.657.7442, hill­co­fas­ten­

Who: Rigid In­dus­tries

What: 20-inch LED bar with GPS mod­ule Why: Rigid says its Adapt-se­ries LED bars are the world’s first off-road light­ing prod­ucts that can change in­stantly ac­cord­ing to con­di­tions. Part num­ber 22041 of­fers eight se­lectable beam pat­terns that range from a 90-de­gree flood to a 15-de­gree spot, based on ve­hi­cle speed mon­i­tored by an in­te­grated GPS mod­ule. Where: 480.655.0100, rigidin­dus­

Who: Rock­ford Fos­gate

What: Com­pact dig­i­tal-me­dia re­ceiver and dis­play Why: Rock­ford Fos­gate de­signed the PMX-3 dig­i­tal-me­dia re­ceiver with a full-color 2.7-inch TFT dis­play, day/night screen modes, and backup cam­era in­put with re­verse trig­ger in­put. It fea­tures SiriusXM tuner com­pat­i­bil­ity, Pan­dora ra­dio con­trol via USB or Blue­tooth, and full iPhone sup­port with folder brows­ing ca­pa­bil­ity.

Where: 800.669.9899, rock­ford­fos­

Who: QA1

What: C10 con­trol-arm kit

Why: These con­trol arms equip ’73-to-’87 Chevy/GMC pick­ups, Subur­bans, and Blaz­ers with coil-overs. They also in­crease caster to 7 de­grees. The kits in­clude lower con­trol arms, up­per con­trol arms (op­tional), an up­per mounting bracket, a sin­gle- or dou­ble-ad­justable coil-over, a high-travel spring, and all nec­es­sary hard­ware. Where: 952.985.5675,

Who: Hotwire Auto

What: GM ’14-and-up LT harness

Why: It’s a self-con­tained en­gine and trans­mis­sion harness and con­trol sys­tem for the GM Gen V (LT plat­form) en­gines and trans­mis­sions from man­ual to the new eight­speed. This stand-alone kit in­cludes a fuse block, re­lays, and a form-fit­ted harness with la­beled wires. Hotwire makes each harness per or­der and of­fers pro­gram­ming.

Where: 479.243.9115,

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