Boosted Bertha

Mike Losh’s One-of-a-Kind ’65 C10


Mike Losh’s one-of-a-kind ’65 C10

Mike Losh of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, is not new to the life of cre­at­ing show-stop­ping cus­tom builds. Hav­ing built var­i­ous other award-win­ning and mag­a­zine-fea­tured ve­hi­cles in his past, Mike knows qual­ity—and he also knows what he wants to cre­ate when dream­ing up a new project. He wanted to de­sign a truck not only to fur­ther de­velop prod­ucts for his com­pany, Slosh Tubz, but to show­case it with his friends at Pre­ci­sion Re­place­ment Parts at SEMA. Mike’s high stan­dards and lofty am­bi­tions im­me­di­ately sparked when he came across the ’65 Chevro­let C10 that he chose to make his start­ing point for the next few years. When he se­cured the rough-look­ing ’65 in Septem­ber 2014, he be­gan call­ing it Bertha, be­cause she was “pretty ugly” to say the least. All that would change as the trans­for­ma­tion be­gan.

Ev­ery great build must have an equally great base, and that’s where the work be­gan. The stock fram­erails were boxed and smoothed, and all the Porter­built com­po­nents were welded in place and smoothed to elim­i­nate the “bolt-in” look. Hav­ing the knowl­edge of past builds un­der his belt, Mike knew that not only does a truck need to look great, it needs to ride well and be re­li­able. With that in mind, the front chas­sis setup started to come to­gether: com­posed of a Porter­built air-bagged front drop­mem­ber with 1-inch nar­rowed tubu­lar con­trol arms and a Porter­built front sway bar. For the front sus­pen­sion, Slam Spe­cial­ties bags were cho­sen with the durable Firestone F9100 sleeve bags in the rear, all of which were given added sta­bil­ity by QA1 ad­justable Street Star shocks in all four cor­ners. After those com­po­nents were in­stalled, the frame was body worked and painted by Clem John­son of Tuba Trucks. Since stop­ping on a dime can be a price­less abil­ity, es­pe­cially with a full­size truck, Mike chose to in­stall an SSBC Big Brake Kit with a mas­sive fourpis­ton caliper set. Un­der that, a large set of cross-drilled/slot­ted ro­tors not only en­hance the look of Bertha but the per­for­mance as well. A CPP Hy­dro Boost brake sys­tem was tucked away be­neath the dash mount to keep ev­ery­thing func­tion­ing as it should.

The heart of the beast is a Mast Mo­tor­sports LS 408. If that num­ber alone does not im­press you, wait un­til you see the full parts list on this built LS. It in­cludes but is not lim­ited to: Cal­lies Comp­star crank and rods, Mast Black La­bel LS7 265 heads, an

LSX turbo cam, and a pol­ished Mag­nu­son LS7 su­per­charger with cus­tom-made in­take from Weg­ner. For any­one who be­lieves power alone is not enough, the en­tire mo­tor and en­gine bay is pleas­ing to the eye as well. The com­plete front-drive sys­tem is cus­tom-painted to match Bertha by Rick Shull, and a set of cus­tom coil cov­ers and an air fil­ter cover were cre­ated to match the top of the su­per­charger. In ad­di­tion to us­ing his own de­sign of in­ner fender tubs by his com­pany Slosh Tubz, Mike also built one-of-one sheet­metal en­gine bay pieces to set the mo­tor off right. To make sure all this power would be put to use, a TCI 4L80e trans­mis­sion with a 10-inch bil­let con­verter was bolted on to that mas­sive pow­er­plant. From the trans­mis­sion headed to­ward the back, a QA1 car­bon-fiber drive­shaft bolts up to the Currie 9-inch con­tain­ing

4:11 gears and 35-spline axles, which are con­tained in the Tru­trac dif­fer­en­tial with a pol­ished alu­minum hous­ing.

As the truck came to­gether, Mike be­gan to see the ugly truck he knew as Bertha trans­form; the more he saw it, the more he felt she de­served a nicer name to ac­com­mo­date her new look—and Boosted Bertha was born. As the un­der­sides and hid­den fea­tures of this ’65 Chevy were com­pleted, the ex­te­rior be­gan look­ing the part of a SEMA truck as well. Start­ing by tuck­ing the front and rear bumpers, Mike made sure not to skimp on any of the lit­tle details, such as weld­ing then smooth­ing the body seams of the C10. He wanted ev­ery as­pect of this truck’s ex­te­rior to be pleas­ing to the eye. Though many peo­ple would never re­al­ize these changes with­out them be­ing shown to them, the el­bow grease was put in to shave the drip rails off the up­per cab above

the doors. Mike’s fa­vorite change to the more-than-50-yearold Chevro­let was widen­ing the front end of the truck bed to match the width of the cab. It’s small dif­fer­ences like these that show his vi­sion as a vet­eran builder. As the cus­tom shade of Mango Green was laid down by Ed­die Jewell of Jewell Restora­tion, the truck re­ally started to take shape.

Though noth­ing about the build thus far has been easy, the in­te­rior was by far the big­gest thorn in Mike’s side through­out the en­tire process. He went so far as to buy the com­pany he hired to do the in­te­rior a com­plete spare cab in which to build it (since they were lo­cated out of state). The plan was to have the in­te­rior com­pletely done and ready to in­stall nu­mer­ous months be­fore SEMA. How­ever, the com­pany Mike gra­ciously de­clined to have named in­stead showed up three days prior to the show with noth­ing fin­ished and al­most cost him his SEMA trip! With a bit of so­cial me­dia help and a lit­tle luck, Boosted Bertha fi­nally had the good for­tune of be­ing fin­ished enough for SEMA thanks to a stranger who reached out to help. “Rory is a class act, and I am so thank­ful for his hos­pi­tal­ity and will­ing­ness to help,” Mike says of the stranger’s kind­ness. After the week in Ve­gas was com­plete, upon re­turn­ing to Arkansas, Mike be­gan a full re­build on the in­te­rior so it could be com­pleted the way he al­ways en­vi­sioned it. With the door pan­els, head­liner, and more al­ready com­pleted, the seats were wrapped in a dark choco­late leather by Billy Hoover Street Rods. With all the in­te­rior’s ped­als, trim, and door han­dles done in alu­minum, they per­fectly match the ex­ist­ing Dakota Dig­i­tal gauges in­stalled in the cus­tom-built dash. After the com­plete re­wire by Brock Pay­ton and the in­stal­la­tion of a full Kicker com­po­nent set with 10-inch shal­low-mount sub­woofers, Mike fi­nally saw his vi­sion com­plete. As Boosted Bertha rolled out of the shop on the beau­ti­ful stag­gered set of Bud­nik Pivot wheels, Mike breathed a sigh of re­lief and hap­pi­ness—and be­gan to dream of his next build.

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