Malef­i­cent In­ten­tions

This ’16 Cadil­lac Es­calade is rais­ing the bar for KEG Me­dia once again


How do com­pa­nies con­tinue to raise the bar and make an im­pres­sion af­ter more than two solid decades in the in­dus­try? Sim­ple: con­sis­tent ex­cel­lence and orig­i­nal­ity. While the so­lu­tion may seem easy enough, the ex­e­cu­tion is any­thing but. This, how­ever, poses no threat to Rob­bie and Keena Bryant. The

KEG Me­dia power cou­ple has seen more than 50 badass SEMA builds, many of which ended up on the cover of your fa­vorite truck rag. The pur­ple mon­ster that dou­bles as Mrs. KEG Me­dia’s daily driver was com­pleted for SEMA 2016. The ’16 Cadil­lac Es­calade was de­liv­ered in brand-new con­di­tion to ADA Of­froad and trans­formed into a Cadil­lac SUV like no other in just four months. As the truck would ul­ti­mately be Keena’s ride, she took the reins of the de­sign de­ci­sions, down to ev­ery last de­tail. She aptly named the project Malef­i­cent, see­ing as it, too, bears a split per­son­al­ity be­tween beauty and beast.

The pri­mary cus­tomiza­tion to the GM chas­sis came by way of a full con­ver­sion to a coilover sus­pen­sion setup.

The unique ar­range­ment is com­prised of mul­ti­ple top-shelf com­po­nents. First to be in­stalled was a Cog­nito Mo­tor­sports 10-inch independent front sus­pen­sion lift, which in­cludes cus­tom up­per con­trol arms com­bined with a Stryker Off Road De­sign four-link rear sus­pen­sion. The front and rear are tied to­gether with a cus­tom cen­ter cra­dle. Sit­ting at each corner is a Stryker FOA coilover setup. The sus­pen­sion de­sign and build was a team ef­fort be­tween Stryker Off Road De­sign and ADA Of­froad. The fully cus­tom­ized sus­pen­sion is coated in Pris­matic Pow­ders Il­lu­sion Pur­ple, thanks to G2 Cus­tomz Pow­der­coat­ing. Fi­nally, the in­tri­cate de­tails of the world-class fab­ri­ca­tion are il­lu­mi­nated by LED rock lights from All Out In­dus­tries.

Sit­ting be­neath the mas­sive lift are equally im­pres­sive cus­tom forged wheels. The Amer­i­can Force GripSS6 monoblock wheels mea­sure an im­pres­sive 24x14 inches. The deep lip is made even more dra­matic by the op­ti­cal ef­fect of a mir­ror-pol­ished fin­ish. The kick­ass cus­tom Forces are paired with ul­tra-ag­gres­sive 375/40R24 Nitto Trail Grap­plers. Bind­ing the wheels to the hubs are V&V Con­cepts ex­tended spike lugs, and be­tween the blade-like spokes of the pol­ished wheels, view­ers get a glimpse of the mas­sive R1 Con­cepts brakes. The big brake kit helps to bring this beast to a halt and tame the power be­neath the hood.

The ’16 Cadil­lac fea­tures the Gen­eral Mo­tors 6.2L LS3 V-8. The mod­ern icon of a mo­tor is plenty ca­pa­ble of pow­er­ing the Caddy, even in its lifted state. But this is a SEMA truck, af­ter all, and what’s the harm in a lit­tle bit of boost? The pow­er­plant fea­tures a ProCharger P1SC kit with a K&N in­take. The truck is run­ning on a cus­tom tune mapped by Nick Smith of Boosted Per­for­mance. The ProCharged mo­tor breathes freely thanks to a Borla 3.5inch ATAK stain­less ex­haust sys­tem. With a mod­est 9 psi of com­pressed air, the pack­age is good for 550 rwhp.

With so many im­pres­sive fea­tures un­der­neath the Es­calade, Keena and Rob­bie opted for a far more min­i­mal­is­tic ap­proach to the body styling. The truck fea­tures all-OEM body pan­els and bumpers. While the beau­ti­fully en­gi­neered body lines re­main in­tact, they are set off by wild styling. First is the pur­ple ele­phant in the room: a full wrap in satin Pur­ple Black from KPMF. The wrap extends around the fac­tory bumpers and door han­dles for a uni­form ap­pear­ance. It was in­stalled by PG NoLa in New Orleans. The ul­ti­mate styling fea­ture, how­ever, makes its waves in just a few square inches. Both the front and rear Cadil­lac em­blems have been com­pletely em­bel­lished in color-matched Swarovski crys­tals by the Crys­tal Ninja. The jux­ta­po­si­tion of over-the-top sus­pen­sion, wheels, and tires with the fac­tory body styling is a com­ple­men­tary con­trast. The jewel-en­crusted em­blems are the per­fect em­bod­i­ments of the truck’s style—loud and lux­u­ri­ous off-road at­ti­tude. Small but sub­tle ad­di­tions through­out the build help el­e­vate its lux­ury ex­pe­ri­ence while Keena hauls the fam­ily around. The in­te­rior is draped in ex­tended Kona brown leather and fea­tures Cadil­lac’s pre­mium pack­age, a touch­screen head unit, and Bose speak­ers through­out. Mounted un­der­neath the truck are HornBlasters train horns, pow­ered by a Vi­air com­pres­sor and FLO Air­ride cus­tom bil­let tank combo.

The fin­ished Malef­i­cent project checks all the SEMA boxes. It stands out and stands tall in a crowd of cus­toms. Thanks to the care­ful en­gi­neer­ing and metic­u­lous crafts­man­ship of Stryker and ADA, the truck drives like it rolled off the show­room floor 10 inches taller than the rest of them. The flash of 24-inch pol­ished wheels and pow­der­coated un­der­car­riage is tem­pered with con­sis­tent styling and min­i­mal­is­tic body cus­tomiza­tions. The com­fort of a fac­tory in­te­rior re­mains in place and al­lows this to be the ul­ti­mate fam­ily-friendly build. Keena and Rob­bie’s un­wa­ver­ing com­mit­ment to the cus­tom truck in­dus­try is em­bod­ied by Malef­i­cent. They con­tinue to pour their pas­sion into ev­ery de­sign and build, keep­ing cus­toms fun and per­sonal without ever com­pro­mis­ing qual­ity.

Malef­i­cent In­ten­tions

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