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Apr. mini­truck­in­ 27-29, South­east MiniTruckin Na­tion­als, Val­ley, NC, May 4, Edel­brock Car Show, Tor­rance, CA, edel­brock­ May 4-5, LMC Truck C10 Na­tion­als, Fort Worth, TX, c10­na­tion­ May 4-6, Hol­ley LS Fest West, Las Va­gas, NV, ls­ May 4-6, Bat­tle in Bama, Mo­bile, AL, bat­tlein­ May 17-19, F-100 Ford Re­union, Pigeon Forge, TN, gn­f100­for­dre­ May 19, Cruise to the Pines, Prescott, AZ, face­ June 2-3, Mid­west Dragfest, Sedalia, MO, Mid­ June 2-3, Friends in Low Places, Mount Airy, NC, face­ June 8-10, Out­break, Lufkin, TX, out­ June 9-10, Slam­ol­ogy, In­di­anapo­lis, IN, slam­ol­ June 22-24, Scrapin’ the Coast, Biloxi, MS, scrap­inthe­

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