Project Over/Un­der, Part Three

Road­wire Takes Our W/T Seats to An­other Level


Road­wire takes our W/T seats to an­other level

If you’re on a quest to turn the “worki­est” of work trucks into some­thing cool and func­tional like we hap­pen to be, you im­me­di­ately have to ad­dress the low-level in­te­rior. The seats are still done in a tweed cloth like it’s the late ’80s, and there’s a rub­ber mat on the floor where the car­pet and floor mats should be. Com­pound­ing things is the fact that if you’re work­ing on a well-worn truck, the seats will be stained and caked with some­one else’s grime. When we were out at Au­di­o­tis­tics a few months ago, we pulled the seats and scrubbed them and the floor while we were in­stalling the stereo and alarm, which made the truck tol­er­a­ble to drive. But we weren’t done with the in­te­rior cleanup by a long­shot.

When you have a truck that isn’t the most com­mon con­fig­u­ra­tion for cus­tomiz­ing, you some­times come up short when you hit the web­sites look­ing for com­po­nents to build your dream ride. We were fear­ful we wouldn’t find a leather kit over here in the cheap seats (pun in­tended) for our stan­dard-cab base model ’03 Sil­ver­ado, but when we checked out the Road­wire web­site, we were pleas­antly sur­prised. With a few mouse clicks, we de­vised a sub­tle but trick set of seat cov­ers and placed our or­der.

Al­though two-tone de­signs are all the rage, we chose to stick with the stock gray color in a monochro­matic scheme, as op­posed to a con­trast­ing color of in­serts or thread. We did get pretty fancy with the in­serts, which are done in per­fo­rated leather and stitched in a di­a­mond tuck-and-roll pat­tern. In just a cou­ple of weeks, our seats were ready, and we headed down to Road­wire HQ for a quick and pro­fes­sional in­stall.

We were im­me­di­ately im­pressed by the qual­ity of the leather and the work­man­ship, as well as the Road­wire crew for go­ing the ex­tra mile to make the seats look even bet­ter than ex­pected. We were in and out in about a half day and have been en­joy­ing the new level of com­fort ev­ery day since. But we’re not done with the in­te­rior just yet. Check back next month when we give the rest of this cab a nice lit­tle makeover and show you the fin­ished prod­uct. Then head over to the Road­wire web­site to see how you can im­prove the looks and com­fort of the seats in your ride.

1. The op­tions are just about end­less once you get on the Road­wire web­site and type in your spe­cific ve­hi­cle. At the very least, you have a base color, in­sert color, and thread color. From there, you can use dif­fer­ent in­sert ma­te­ri­als, add stitch pat­terns, or em­broi­der a logo into the seat­back or head­rest. We chose to keep ev­ery­thing in the stock gray color (graphite) the truck came with.

Here is our be­fore shot of our clapped-out work truck in­te­rior, but even this was af­ter a thor­ough clean­ing. The seats are only part of the equa­tion, but they’re the most im­por­tant part.

2. That’s not to say we kept things look­ing plain Jane. We chose per­fo­rated (perf) in­serts stitched in a di­a­mond tuck-and-roll pat­tern. We also had the Road­wire logo em­broi­dered into the seat­back.

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