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I do not know A.G. Witt III from Sand Springs, in re­gard to his let­ter to the ed­i­tor (“Lis­ten to peers of Tulsa at­tor­ney John O'Con­nor,” Oct. 7).

I do, how­ever, know John O'Con­nor, the sub­ject of his let­ter and nom­i­nated for a fed­eral judge seat in Ok­la­homa.

You will not find a finer ex­am­ple of ju­di­ciary char­ac­ter than John. He is a Con­sti­tu­tion­al­ist, ex­tremely smart and a ded­i­cated fam­ily man.

The Amer­i­can Bar As­so­ci­a­tion is made up of mostly trial lawyers. That the ABA mem­bers rated him as un­qual­i­fied is po­lit­i­cal folly at best.

Pres­i­dent Trump does his re­search. His legacy will be the ju­di­cial ap­point­ments he makes. John O'Con­nor is one of those ap­point­ments. breaks for their wealthy bene­fac­tors and right-wing judges.

They've lost their soul along with their in­tegrity and honor.

What they got in re­turn are tem­po­rary ide­o­log­i­cal gains. But for many Amer­i­cans, their in­tegrity and pub­lic trust will never re­turn.

Ron­ald Rea­gan's “shin­ing city on the hill” is crum­bling. The Repub­li­can Party is an empty ves­sel, void of ideas other than scathing, neg­a­tive ads stok­ing fear and re­sent­ment for any­thing not Don­ald Trump.

As the soul goes, so goes the spirit. All that is left is a party of hyp­ocrites pro­mot­ing di­vi­sive­ness and ha­tred fu­eled by the hubris of mostly old white men who made a pact with the devil.

But we're all pay­ing for that deal. Hope­fully, Amer­i­can vot­ers are poised to ad­min­is­ter a big dose of poi­son to a po­lit­i­cal party which has lost its way.

It's cer­tain Amer­ica wants to be great again, but to get there we must first re­claim our soul. be­fore turn­ing 18.

It is also not sur­pris­ing that long-term fos­ter care is associated with sub­stance abuse, emo­tional prob­lems and aca­demic prob­lems.

Amer­ica needs to find more par­ents will­ing to fos­ter. This shouldn't ex­clude gay cou­ples.

There are a lot of com­mon myths that come to mind when think­ing about a child be­ing adopted by a gay or les­bian cou­ple. One is that the only ac­cept­able home for a child has a mother and fa­ther.

There is no ev­i­dence that sug­gests chil­dren from gay or les­bian par­ents are less pop­u­lar, less in­tel­li­gent, suf­fer from more prob­lems or have any less self-con­fi­dence than chil­dren of straight par­ents.

Think of all of the op­por­tu­ni­ties we could give these chil­dren if we could put neg­a­tive thoughts about gay and les­bian cou­ples be­hind us. Think of all the chil­dren who could be pro­vided a home.

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