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1) On “Gun­smoke,” Mar­shall Matt Dil­lon had a close re­la­tion­ship with Miss Kitty, the owner of the Long Branch saloon. What was Kitty’s last name?

2) On “The Hon­ey­moon­ers,” where did Ralph Kram­den al­ways threaten to send his wife, Alice, when­ever he got an­gry?

3) The early sea­sons of what hit sit­com fea­tured a comic af­fair be­tween Maj. Frank Burns and Maj. Mar­garet Houli­han?

4) The 1955-59 sit­u­a­tion com­edy “Love That Bob” fea­tured what en­dear­ing com­edy ac­tor as skirt-chas­ing pho­tog­ra­pher Bob Collins?

5) What former “LaughIn” reg­u­lar played new­ly­wed Julie Wil­lis in the 1966-67 ABC sit­com “Love on a Rooftop”?

6) At one time or an­other, Mar­sha Ma­son, Dana De­lany, Roy Schei­der, Christo­pher Reeve, Nancy Marc­hand, Jes­sica Wal­ter and Paul Michael Glaser ap­peared on the soap opera “Love of Life” dur­ing its 1951-80 run on which net­work?

7) What gen­tle 1968-70 sit­u­a­tion com­edy about a ro­mance that tran­scended death was set in the New Eng­land ham­let of Schooner Bay?

8) On what ven­er­a­ble po­lice se­ries would we find clan­des­tine lovers Frank Furillo and Joyce Daven­port?

9) The 1982-83 ABC sit­com “Joanie Loves Chachi” was an un­suc­cess­ful spinoff from what other mas­sive sit­com hit?

10) Who played odd cou­ple Han­nah Miller and Marty Gold in the 1989-92 ABC sit­com “Any­thing but Love”?

Lewis Richard and Cur­tis Lee Jamie 10)

Days” Happy“9) Blues” Street Hill“8) Muir” Mrs. and Ghost The“7)

CBS 6) Carne Judy 5) Cum­mings Bob 4) H”S*A*M*“3)

moon!” the To Zoom! Bang!“2) Rus­sell 1) An­swers:

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