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1) Joan Craw­ford was vil­i­fied in a post­hu­mous tell-all book by her daugh­ter Christina. What was it called?

2) Craw­ford in­stalled all-new com­mode seats and changed the name of her Brent­wood es­tate each time she did what?

3) Craw­ford took over the fe­male lead in the 1942 com­edy “They All Kissed the Bride” af­ter the ac­tress orig­i­nally cast in the part died in a fa­mous plane crash. Who was the orig­i­nal star?

4) When Craw­ford tried to play hard­ball with stu­dio head Harry Cohn over her cos­tume de­signer, Cohn re­placed her with Deb­o­rah Kerr in what would be­come a time­less wartime ro­mance. Can you name it?

5) Who once said of Craw­ford, “She’s slept with ev­ery male star at MGM ex­cept Lassie”?

6) In 1955, Craw­ford mar­ried Al­fred Steele, chair­man of what soft drink com­pany?

7) In 1968, Craw­ford ap­peared on the soap opera “The Se­cret Storm,” fill­ing in for an in­dis­posed ac­tress. Who was that ac­tress?

8) Who di­rected Craw­ford in her 1969 “Night Gallery” ap­pear­ance as a blind woman hop­ing to re­gain her sight?

9) For what film did Craw­ford win her Os­car?

10) What Craw­ford film in­cluded this fa­mous ex­change: “You wouldn’t be able to do th­ese aw­ful things to me if I weren’t still in this chair.” “Butcha are, Blanche, ya are in that chair!”

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