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One re­quire­ment that is ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary when set­tling fire-rings is the hot re-torque process. Af­ter the first heat cy­cle, all head studs need to be retight­ened to the 150 ft-lb spec­i­fi­ca­tion. It’s not un­com­mon for most nuts to re­quire a quar­ter to half a turn. The hot re-torque process is as fol­lows: 1) Idle the truck up to op­er­at­ing temp (al­low­ing the ther­mo­stat to open), 2) Shut the truck off and promptly tear down un­til all head stud nuts are ac­ces­si­ble, 3) Re-torque all head studs to 150 ft-lb. No­tice the in­take rock­ers have to be re­moved to ac­cess the head studs dur­ing a hot re-torque, while the ex­haust rock­ers don’t.

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