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An “All-new” CJ8 Scram­bler

The Jeep CJ8 or Scram­bler hasn't been made since 1986, but now thanks to Winslow Bent and his team at Legacy Scram­bler Conversion, this clas­sic Jeep is now avail­able as a vir­tu­ally new, trail-ready rig. Yep, we said all new. This isn't a worn-out old barn find that's been re­paired and up­graded. It's the best of the re­pro­duc­tion parts avail­able to­day, along with some su­pe­rior fab­ri­ca­tion and in­te­gra­tion skills by the team at Legacy. Legacy Scram­bler Conversion calls the pack­age seen here the “Dual­sport Tdi.”

“The Legacy Scram­bler CJ8 sits on a cus­tom frame from Throt­tle Down Kus­toms. This frame is mod­eled off of an orig­i­nal Jeep frame.”

The Legacy Scram­bler CJ8 sits on a cus­tom frame from Throt­tle Down Kus­toms. This frame is mod­eled off of an orig­i­nal Jeep frame. This frame is made from 2x4x3/16-inch box tub­ing rather than the open-chan­nel de­sign of the orig­i­nal. The frame rails are man­drel bent. It’s much stronger and will last longer than any OE Scram­bler frame. It’s de­signed to fit a PSC steer­ing power box. The frame is set up to uti­lize a cus­tom, long-travel sus­pen­sion, de­vel­oped and built by Legacy uti­liz­ing Gen­right com­po­nents and King coilover shocks and bump stops.

Since Scram­blers are rare, and clean Scram­bler bod­ies are even more rare, a new alu­minum body from Aqualu was uti­lized. Aqualu makes two bod­ies for the Scram­bler—a stan­dard-length unit and one with the tail bobbed be­hind the axle. Both bod­ies will fit the orig­i­nal or a Throt­tle Down Kus­toms Scram­bler frame. For this build, the full-length body was used, as this pro­vides more space for gear when tak­ing long trips down the un­paved road less trav­eled. The alu­minum body was fit­ted with high-clear­ance alu­minum tube fend­ers from Gen­right Off Road. The rest of the body parts, hood, tail­gate, etc., are top-qual­ity steel re­pro­duc­tions from OmixAda. A few items, like the grille and head­lights, are clean orig­i­nals from a donor Jeep. The body was painted “Legacy DT Green” by Straight­edge Auto Body, in St. Anthony, Idaho.

In the in­te­rior, the front seats are from Re­caro and the sin­gle rear pas­sen­ger seat is a Cor­beau Sa­fari Fold & Tum­ble Seat, de­signed specif­i­cally as a di­rect bolt-on. The gauges are from Faria. These are “dig­i­tal gate­way sys­tem” gauges that com­mu­ni­cate with the J1939 ECM sys­tem, just like the new­est trucks. Of course, this Jeep has A/C and gets it courtesy of a Vin­tage Air sys­tem. A Tuffy lock­ing cen­ter con­sole sits be­tween the seats for se­cure stor­age, and the stock glove box is still in place for maps. An Ididit steer­ing col­umn re­placed the orig­i­nal and the brake ped­als con­nect to a Hy­dro­boost unit un­der the hood. From there, the GM dual-cir­cuit mas­ter cylin­der sends the fluid out to the Wil­wood disc brakes at each cor­ner.

With a mod­ern­ized truck, mod­ern dif­fer­en­tials were a must. A Dy­na­trac Pro­rock 44/60 is found up front and a Pro­Rock 60 brings up the rear. Gear­ing in the axles is 5.13:1 and trail trac­tion in­creased when the ARB Air Locker is en­gaged. To dis­trib­ute the torque to both axles, a 3.0:1 ra­tio At­las II trans­fer case is mounted be­hind the six-speed au­to­matic trans­mis­sion.

The best part of this Jeep is the 630T V-6 diesel en­gine

Un­der hood re­sides a 3.0-liter V-6 Banks 630T. This diesel V-6 puts out 240 hp @ 3,500 rpm and 420 lb-ft @ 1,500 rpm. It’s mated to a six-speed au­to­matic trans­mis­sion. The trans­fer case is an At­las, from Ad­vance Adapters, with a 3.0:1 low range. The...

The com­pe­ti­tion-style shock hoops and cross brace sup­port a pair of 14-inch King coilover shocks. The wiring is both from Banks and Pain­less Per­for­mance, plus some work by Legacy. A lit­tle harder to see is the Hy­dro­boost brake setup.

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