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Im­prove the Brak­ing of Your 6.7L with the Loadleash from Pacbrake

Own­ers of Ram trucks equipped with the ISB 6.7L Cum­mins en­gine have been blessed with a fac­tory ex­haust brake from the be­gin­ning. This ex­haust brake uses the vari­able ge­om­e­try turbo on these en­gines to in­crease back pres­sure and thus im­prove en­gine brak­ing, when the OEM unit is en­gaged. While this OEM setup is a vast im­prove­ment over wheel brakes alone, it does have some lim­i­ta­tions, and with larger trail­ers you want all the brak­ing you can get when haul­ing a heavy load.

The an­swer to even bet­ter brak­ing with your late model diesel-pow­ered Ram truck is the P-67 Loadleash from Pacbrake. The Loadleash com­ple­ments the fac­tory sys­tem and im­proves brak­ing when needed, and can be turned off when you’re haul­ing empty. In fact, it won’t even en­gage when the OEM sys­tem is in the off mode.

Bet­ter brak­ing, no mat­ter your load, im­proves your tow­ing per­for­mance, in­creases safety, and saves you money by re­duc­ing brake wear and thus ex­tend­ing the life of your fric­tion brake com­po­nents. In ad­di­tion, un­like the in-ex­haust-style re­stric­tor ex­haust brakes, the Loadleash is quiet and can be used in any area, even those posted “No Jake Brake” due to lo­cal noise or­di­nances.

What makes the Loadleash dif­fer­ent, you ask? Well, first off, the unit re­places your OEM valve cover spacer, rather than be­ing in­serted into the ex­haust pipe. Sec­ond, it pro­vides brak­ing ac­tion on both the com­pres­sion and ex­haust strokes of the en­gine. Third, it works in con­junc­tion with your fac­tory VGT turbo and ex­haust brake. With the Loadleash ac­ti­vated, the ex­haust valves are held a lit­tle off the valve seats dur­ing the en­tire two-ro­ta­tion cy­cle of your fourstroke diesel. This means you get two brak­ing strokes from the en­gine per cy­cle and delete the ex­pan­sion stroke, which also takes away un­wanted power that aids in faster brak­ing.

We con­tacted the ex­perts at Red­lands Truck and RV in Red­lands, Cal­i­for­nia, and were in­vited to come see an in­stal­la­tion of a Pacbrake Loadleash and then take a ride and see the dif­fer­ence one makes in brak­ing per­for­mance. Since Red­lands Truck and RV spe­cial­izes in all things diesel, they’re used to in­stalling all types

of brak­ing sys­tems, and re­pair­ing and upgrading OEM set­ups. Our in­stal­la­tion took just over a day, but this was par­tially due to the fact that the in­stall was on a 2013 Ram 3500 and the fac­tory had made a few changes that had to be ad­dressed with these trucks. The Red­lands crew did this with ease and got it right the first time.

We can tell you from ex­pe­ri­ence that the large trailer we towed had a dra­matic ef­fect on brak­ing over the un­bur­dened and empty truck alone. In our tow­ing tests, the Ram truck brak­ing was okay with just the fac­tory hy­draulic brakes, and bet­ter with the OEM ex­haust brake. How- ever, en­gag­ing the Loadleash brought in a new level of load con­trol and brak­ing ad­van­tage. Even with the fac­tory ex­haust brake but­ton on, the large load would push the truck a lit­tle on steep down­hill sec­tions and the foot brakes were needed. How­ever, with the Loadleash on, the hy­draulic brakes were never needed, dur­ing our test, and the ac­cel­er­a­tor was re­quired to keep up with traf­fic on the down­hill test sec­tion.

Fol­low along and we’ll show you the high­lights of in­stalling a Loadleash from Pacbrake. If you’re me­chan­i­cally in­clined, you can do this at home. If you pre­fer, your lo­cal Pacbrake dis- trib­u­tor/in­staller can do it for you and you can use your free week­end to tow some­place and have some fun on the trip as well as at your des­ti­na­tion.

NOTE: Pacbrake's in­te­grated P-67 Loadleash en­gine brake for the ISB 6.7L Cum­mins en­gine fits 2007.5-13 and 2014-16 Ram 2500-5500 diesel pickup/chas­sis cab trucks and Ster­ling chas­sis cab trucks. Own­ers of other model and years of diesel trucks can ben­e­fit from Pacbrake’s PRXB sup­ple­men­tal ex­haust brake. This unit in­stalls in the ex­haust pipe, and will fit vir­tu­ally any diesel en­gine.

1 Here you see the Loadleash kit laid out for in­spec­tion. Note that this kit is for the 2012 and older Ram trucks, and that due to some slight changes on the 2013 Ram a few com­po­nents are dif­fer­ent. (A photo of that kit was not avail­able at press time.)

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